The 2009 NFL Draft kickoffs today at 4:00PM ET and four USC linebackers will be selected throughout the weekend, including middle linebacker Rey Maualuga.

Bet 2009 NFL Draft Prop Odds

Oddsmakers from online sports book SPORTSBETTING.COM have established Rey Maualuga’s odds to be taken at the No. 13 pick or lower at 5-1, but the best odds are that he is taken at the No. 21 pick or higher.

The San Diego Chargers own the No. 16 pick and many mock drafts around the web has Maualuga being selected at that spot. Oddsmakers have established the odds of Maualuga being selected with the 16th pick at 5-2.

Perhaps the best value is the 5-1 at the No. 20 pick, which is owned by the Detroit Lions. The Lions got their quarterback in Matthew Stafford with the No. 1 pick and if they pass on an offensive tackle at No. 20, then Maualuga could be the pick if he’s available. The Lions have a massive need at middle linebacker.

2009 NFL Draft - Rey Maualuga - Draft Position

13 Pick or Lower 5 - 1

14 Pick 15 - 1

15 Pick 12 - 1

16 Pick 5 - 2

17 Pick 10 - 1

18 Pick 9 - 4

19 Pick 8 - 1

20 Pick 5 - 1

21 Pick or Higher 3 – 2

Bet 2009 NFL Draft Prop Odds

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Posted: 4/25/09 10:48AM ET

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