According to several media sources, the Rams have bought quarterback prospect Mark Sanchez a plane ticket to come to St. Louis on Sunday. But does that mean that they’ll draft him with the No. 2 pick?

Bet on 2009 NFL Draft Player Props

The Rams currently hold the No. 2 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft and while quarterback isn’t their most pressing need, that doesn’t mean that they’re not looking for a young replacement for Marc Bulger, whose better days are clearly behind him.

Oddsmakers from online sports book have established the odds for Mark Sanchez to be taken at No. 10 or lower at –500, while the odds for him being taken No. 10.5 or over (so essentially the No. 11 pick and beyond) at +300.

If the Rams don’t take him at No. 2, there’s a great chance Sanchez will be taken with the No. 4 pick, which belongs to the Seattle Seahawks. If he slips past Seattle, a team is likely to trade up into the top 10 in order to take him. It’s highly doubtful he slips past the top 10 picks, but anything is possible on draft day.

2009 NFL Draft - Mark Sanchez - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be?

Draft Pick Position Over 10.5 (+300)

Draft Pick Position Under 10.5 (-500)

Bet on 2009 NFL Draft Player Props

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Posted: 4/23/09 11:05PM ET

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