(The Spread) – The good news is that the NFL and the Players Association have agreed to a 24-hour extension for the CBA discussions. The bad news is that it still looks like the NFL is heading for a lockout.

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It’s nice to see that the two sides are willing to keep the lines of communication open but that doesn’t mean that we still won’t have a lockout or decertification by Saturday morning. A decertification means that the union would no longer represent the players and therefore the players would be giving up their rights under labor law. (They would then have to take their chances in court under antitrust law.)

Of course, if the two sides come to an agreement within these next 24 hours, then all will be right in the world of football. Free agency will start, players won’t have to worry about bonuses or benefits and the fans can get back to following player rumors instead of lockout speculation. But it still appears unlikely that there will be a resolution in the next day.

That said, maybe another extension is forthcoming. Maybe this 24-hour extension will turn into a 42-hour extension, or a 72-hour extension and then the two sides iron out their issues. Who knows?

In mid-February, oddsmakers from online sports book Sportsbook.com released odds for a potential lockout. A wager on “Yes” was –400 on the money line, while a “No” was +300 on the money to the question of whether or not there would be a lockout.

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