Indianapolis, IN (The Spread) – For those unaware, oddsmakers have released odds for the 2011 NFL scouting combine, including props for which players will have the fastest 40 yard dash times.

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Casual bettors will roll their eyes and bypass wagering coin on something seemingly so unpredictable. But value is value and while looking at some of the prop wagers listed for this year’s combine, there is value to be had.

Here are a couple of predictions for the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine. Odds for each prop were found at online sports book

Player to Record the Faster 40-Yard Dash: Mark Ingram vs. Ryan Williams

To me, this is the best value on the board. Both running backs are listed at –115 on the money line, but Ingram isn’t known for his straight-line speed. Oddsmakers probably made both players –115 because Williams dealt with a hamstring injury all last year, but he should be completely healthy now (if not close to it). Ingram is a 4.50 runner on a good day, while Williams should clock in the 4.45s.

Scouting Combine Prediction: Ryan Williams –115

Player to Record the Faster 40-Yard Dash: Jake Locker vs. Christian Ponder

Some may view –185 as a steep price to pay for any wager, and it is. But Locker should easily top Ponder’s 40 time. Nothing is a guarantee, but Locker runs in the 4.5s and Ponder is in the 4.8s. Unless Locker pulls a hammy and runs in the 5.0s and Ponder runs the fastest he’s ever run in his life, then Locker should cruise to victory.

Scouting Combine Prediction: Jake Locker –185

Player to Record the Faster 40-Yard Dash: Patrick Peterson vs. Prince Amukamara

I’m a little surprised to see that Peterson is –200 vs. Amukamara, who is +160 on the money line. Considering both players have been timed in the 4.45-range, it would seem that Amukamara has outstanding value. Peterson has more acceleration and thus, that’s why he’s heavily favored in this event. But it’s hard not to at least take a flier on Amukamara at +160.

Scouting Combine Prediction: Prince Amukamara

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