What is a Total or Over/Under Bet?

A total or over/under bet is a single wager on whether or not the combined goal, point or run total of a single game will be over or under what the oddsmaker sets it at before the event. When placing a total wager, all the bettor is concerned with is the combined score of each team at the end of the game.


Vikings +7 Over/Under 42
Packers -7

Steve loves the Packers and thinks they will score a lot of points in this game. So, he places a wager on “over 42 total points”. If the combined score of the Packers and the Vikings at the end of the game is greater than 42 total points Steve would win his bet. 41 or less total points would be a loss and 42 exactly would be considered a push or refund.

Most sports books consider the end of regulation time or the point at which a game becomes official as the end of the game unless otherwise stated.

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