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The 2008-2009 College Football regular season is quickly approaching and with that, oddsmakers from online sports book SBG Global have listed over/under regular season totals for many of the top programs around the country.

Bet College Football Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

How to bet Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

Before the start of the regular season, oddsmakers establish over/under totals for many of the top college football programs. The totals are reflected by just one number, which signifies how many total wins oddsmakers have set for each team. Bettors then make a wager on if they think that program will win more (over) games than the total oddsmakers have set, or less (under) games than the total oddsmakers have set.

For example, the defending national champions the LSU Tigers were given a regular season win total of 9. Therefore, oddsmakers have set LSU’s over/under win total at 9 games. Doug thinks the Tigers will take a step back this year and therefore doesn’t think LSU can win 9 games in a tough SEC. So he bets the under 9 and if LSU fails to win over nine games this year, Doug wins the bet.

In another example, oddsmakers have set the over/under regular season win total for Notre Dame at 7. Drew thinks there’s no way the Irish can be as bad as they were in 2007 and therefore likes their chances to win more than 7 games. So Drew bets the over 7 and if Notre Dame wins more than 7 games, he’ll win the bet.

Taking a Look at the Odds

As previously mentioned, the defending national champion LSU Tigers have been given an over/under win total of 9 games. The team they beat in last year’s title game, Ohio State, was given an over/under win total of 10.

On top of LSU and Ohio State, some programs expected to really succeed this year are Georgia (9.5), USC (10.5), Florida (10) and Oklahoma (10.5). Given their light schedule, a team like West Virginia (9.5) should have a great chance of going over the posted total this season as well.

Programs that are expected to struggle this year are Notre Dame (7), Nebraska (7) and Michigan (7.5). But sometimes it’s easier to spot a sleeper team and therefore betting the over because the total has been set too low.

Below are over/under regular season win totals for many of college football’s top programs.

2008-2009 College Football Regular Season Team Over/Under Win Totals


Over 8 (+150)

Under 8 (-180)


Over 6 (+120)

Under 6 (-150)

Arizona State

Over 8.5 (+115)

Under 8.5 (-145)


Over 9 (-130)

Under 9 (Even)

Boise State

Over 10 (-115)

Under 10 (-115)


Over 8 (-115)

Under 8 (-115)


Over 9.5 (-145)

Under 9.5 (+115)


Over 5.5 (-110)

Under 5.5 (-120)


Over 10 (-150)

Under 10 (+120)

Florida State

Over 8 (-130)

Under 8 (Even)


Over 9.5 (-130)

Under 9.5 (Even)


Over 7 (-120)

Under 7 (Even)


Over 7 (-150)

Under 7 (+120)


Over 7.5 (+110)

Under 7.5 (-140)


Over 9 (-105)

Under 9 (-125)

Miami Florida

Over 7.5 (-105)

Under 7.5 (-125)


Over 7.5 (-120)

Under 7.5 (-110)

Michigan State

Over 7 (-125)

Under (-105)


Over 10 (-105)

Under 10 (-125)


Over 7 (-135)

Under 7 (+105)

Notre Dame

Over 7 (-150)

Under 7 (+120)

Ohio State

Over 10 (-160)

Under 10 (+130)


Over 10.5 (+105)

Under 10.5 (-135)


Over 8 (-145)

Under 8 (+115)

Penn State

Over 8.5 (-135)

Under 8.5 (+105)


Over 7 (-190)

Under 7 (+155)


Over 7 (+130)

Under 7 (-160)


Over 7.5 (-115)

Under 7.5 (-115)

South Carolina

Over 7.5 (-120)

Under 7.5 (-110)

South Florida

Over 9 (Even)

Under 9 (-130)

Southern California

Over 10.5 (-150)

Under 10.5 (+120)


Over 7.5 (-175)

Under 7.5 (+145)


Over 9 (-125)

Under 9 (-105)

Texas Tech

Over 9 (-120)

Under 9 (-105)


Over 6 (+140)

Under 6 (-170)

Virginia Tech

Over 9 (-135)

Under 9 (+105)


Over 6 (+250)

Under 6 (-325)

West Virginia

Over 9.5 (-160)

Under 9.5 (+130)


Over 9 (+105)

Under 9 (-135)


Over 9.5 (-110)

Under 9.5 (-120)

Georgia Tech

Over 5.5 (-125)

Under 5.5 (-105)

Note: Wager is for regular season games only. Conference championship and bowl games does not count for regular season wins. Team must play every scheduled regular season games for action.

Bet College Football Regular Season Over/Under Win Totals

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