2014 Kentucky Derby Prop Odds

2014 Kentucky Derby odds betting horse racing props

CHURCHILL DOWNS, KY (The Spread) - What will the winning time be of the horse in the 2014 Kentucky Derby? Here are some prop odds for today's race.

According to oddsmakers from online sports book Bovada.lv, the over/under for the winning time in tonight's Kentucky Derby is sitting at 2:02.50, with the over carrying +150 odds and the under carrying -200 odds. That means if you bet on the over, you'll win $150 for every $100 that you wager. If you bet on the under, you'll win $100 for every $200 that you wager.

Will Secretariat's record time of 159.40 be broken today? The odds are -2000 that no horse will break that record and +1000 for the record to be broken. Thus, chances are Secretariat's record will still be standing once the Derby is concluded tonight.

Will there be an inquiry in tonight's Derby? The odds for yes are +600 while the odds for no are -1000. And where will the winning horse start? The odds for gates 1 through 10 are -160, while the odds for 11-20 are +120. With Derby favorite California Chrome starting in the No. 5 post, it makes sense that gates 1 through 10 have the better odds.

What will the winning horse's name start with? Letters A through M are -200, while letters N through Z are +150. Again, with California Chrome listed as the favorite, it makes sense that A through M have the better odds. The same thought process can be found in which saddlecloth number will be the winner tonight. The odds for an Odd number are -140, while the odds for an Even number are Even.

Below is a complete list of prop odds for tonight's Kentucky Derby, which is set for 6:24PM ET (post time).

2014 Kentucky Derby Prop Odds

Winning Time

Over 2:02.50 +150

Under 2:02.50 -200

Will Secretariat's Record time of 159.40 be broken?

Yes +1000

No -2000

Will there be an inquiry?

Yes +600

No -1000

Where will winning horse start?

Gate 1-10 -160

Gate 11-20 +120

Winning horse's name will start with letter?

A-M -200

N-Z +150

Winning horse's saddlecloth number will be?

Odd -140

Even Even

Last place horse's saddlecloth number will be?

Odd -120

Even -120

Will a horse win the Triple Crown?

Yes +600

No -1000

Will the winning horse win the Preakness?

Yes +150

No -200

Will the winning horse win the Belmont Stakes?

Yes +150

No -200

Will any horse win exactly 2 of 3 Triple Crown races?

Yes +170

No -250

How many lengths will winner win by?

More than or equal to 1 length -200

Less than 1 length +150

How many lengths will the winner win by?

More than or equal or 3 lengths +150

Less than 3 lengths -200

How many Words Will Be in The Name of the Derby Winner?

1 +175

2 -200

3 or More +475

Winning Trainer's last name starts with?

A-M -190

N-Z +145

Official Win Mutuel Payoff

Over $24.10 Even

Under $24.10 -140

Total of All Pari-Mutuel Payoff

Over $70.00 -120

Under $70.00 -120

Was the 2014 winner bred in Kentucky

Yes Even

No -140

Did the winner win his last race before the Derby?

Yes -175

No +125

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