PHOENIX (AP) -Sam Madison went from bad to super, and he keeps the evidence to remind him of where he has been.
The cornerback was dumped by the Dolphins in March of 2006 after nine seasons with Miami, then was picked up by the New York Giants. Two seasons later, he's in the Super Bowl.
``Miami let me go, so what?'' he said at media day on Tuesday. ``They let a lot of people go that go out and continue to be successful. I'm just one of the guys.''
Despite some injury problems, Madison has four interceptions this season.
``When you are let go, you always get a sheet of paper letting you know why they are letting you go and they just didn't think you are good enough,'' Madison said. ``It's fun right now.''
He still has that paper.
``I put it in my scrapbook and when you get that paper you look at it and say, `Really, I understand,''' Madison said. ``It makes you want to go out and work harder and that is what I did.''
As bad as they are, he said he still would like to play for the Dolphins again because they were the team that drafted him.
``It``s a business,'' Madison said. ``You have to let things go and you just have to go on and continue to do the things you can do and try to help the younger guys because the guys helped me when I was growing up.''
ROOMS AVAILABLE: Need a room during Super Bowl week? Not every place was sold out after all. Rooms were available in a brand new hotel in the middle of Phoenix, and hardly anybody seemed to know about it.
The Holiday Inn Phoenix Midtown opened for business on Sunday after its final inspection, and more than half of its 132 rooms were vacant two days later. That's because the hotel couldn't offer reservations online or anywhere else until it was cleared for operation by corporate officials.
``We're finding pretty much everybody has a reservation or they don't know we're here,'' said Jennifer Defills, the hotel's director of operations.
Rates during Super Bowl week range from $349 to $399 with a two-night minimum stay.
SNOOP BOWL: Snoop Dogg and his legion of young football players will stage Snoop Bowl V on Saturday.
The rapper, record producer and actor is coach to nearly 2,500 youngsters in 10 chapters of the Snoop Youth Football League in southern California.
Players from the Snoop League will play a team of youngsters from the Phoenix area. To participate, the players must meet strict academic standards.
The game will be played at Hamilton High School in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler.
Tickets are $15 with proceeds going to the Matt Leinart Foundation, a charitable organization founded by the Arizona Cardinals quarterback who played in college at USC.
HEY KID: The kid reporter got his story on media day at University of Phoenix Stadium. Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress made sure of that.
Nine-year-old Brock Domann of Colorado Springs, Colo., covering the Super Bowl for Scholastic News, was standing among a mass of reporters on Tuesday when Manning picked him out for a question.
``When you and Peyton Manning were kids and playing football, who was QB?'' the youngster asked.
A grown-up reporter tried to butt in with another question, but Manning waved him off and pointed to young Brock. ``No, him,'' the Giants quarterback said.
Then Manning told the boy that when he played with Peyton and his older friends, he was ``permanent center.'' Big brother Peyton was the quarterback.
Brock moved on to Burress, asking the Giants receiver what advice he would give to a kid who wanted to play professional football. Burress listened, then brought the youngster onto the podium with him.
``You see all these people here?'' Burress said, his arm around the boy's shoulder. ``You see all those seats? They're all going to be filled Sunday. You see this podium with my name on it? I'm telling you, it's the greatest feeling in the world. So my advice to you is, a lot of hard work.''
Brock is in Arizona with his 12-year-old sister Rylee and 10-year-old brother JoJo, who also worked media day for Scholastic News.
RATING BRADY: Where does Tom Brady rate among the great quarterbacks in NFL history?
Troy Aikman, Fox television analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback, thinks Brady will have plenty of support for No. 1 if he leads New England to a fourth Super Bowl title.
``If Tom Brady wins this game, and then was part of a team that was undefeated ... then he gives whoever wants to make that argument a lot more ammunition than they currently have,'' Aikman said. ``It strengthens his argument.''
But who is Aikman's No. 1 quarterback?
``It's not me,'' he said, picking Joe Montana instead.
Another Fox analyst, Howie Long, said Terry Bradshaw has come up with an idea to honor the greatest NFL quarterbacks.
``Terry said they're going to start raising funds for a mini-Mount Rushmore,'' Long said. ``They're looking for not a cliff, but a hillside that they can carve (Joe) Montana and (Tom) Brady and Bradshaw into. I don't know if that would be visited as much as Rushmore.''

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