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Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15



Washington at UCLA
The Bruins look to take advantage of a Washington team that is 4-10 ATS in its last 14 road games. UCLA is the pick (-2 1/2) according to Dunkel, which has the Bruins favored by 7 1/2. Dunkel Pick: UCLA (-2 1/2)

Game 315-316: Washington at UCLA (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Washington 95.956; UCLA 103.473
Dunkel Line: UCLA by 7 1/2; 53
Vegas Line: UCLA by 2 1/2; 60 1/2
Dunkel Pick: UCLA (-2 1/2); Under


Dallas at Miami
The Heat look to take advantage of a Dallas team that is 0-4 ATS in its last 4 games against a team with a winning SU record. Miami is the pick (-8) according to Dunkel, which has the Heat favored by 10 1/2. Dunkel Pick: Miami (-8)

Game 701-702: Milwaukee at Indiana (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Milwaukee 115.108; Indiana 124.561
Dunkel Line & Total: Indiana by 9 1/2; 190
Vegas Line & Total: Indiana by 15; 184
Dunkel Pick: Milwaukee (+15); Over

Game 703-704: Chicago at Toronto (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Chicago 118.318; Toronto 124.970
Dunkel Line & Total: Toronto by 6 1/2; 177
Vegas Line & Total: Toronto by 1; 183
Dunkel Pick: Toronto (-1); Under

Game 705-706: Philadelphia at Atlanta (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Philadelphia 114.632; Atlanta 119.123
Dunkel Line & Total: Atlanta by 4 1/2; 213
Vegas Line & Total: Atlanta by 8 1/2; 208 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Philadelphia (+8 1/2); Over

Game 707-708: Portland at Boston (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Portland 120.345; Boston 116.298
Dunkel Line & Total: Portland by 4; 187
Vegas Line & Total: Portland by 2; 194
Dunkel Pick: Portland (-2); Under

Game 709-710: Charlotte at Cleveland (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Charlotte 113.651; Cleveland 112.681
Dunkel Line & Total: Charlotte by 1; 194
Vegas Line & Total: Cleveland by 6 1/2; 189
Dunkel Pick: Charlotte (+6 1/2); Over

Game 711-712: Dallas at Miami (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Dallas 118.567; Miami 129.041
Dunkel Line & Total: Miami by 10 1/2; 202
Vegas Line & Total: Miami by 8; 206 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Miami (-8); Under

Game 713-714: Minnesota at Denver (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Minnesota 123.186; Denver 118.805
Dunkel Line & Total: Minnesota by 4 1/2; 206
Vegas Line & Total: Minnesota by 1; 211
Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-1); Under

Game 715-716: Brooklyn at Phoenix (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Brooklyn 112.937; Phoenix 122.099
Dunkel Line & Total: Phoenix by 9; 204
Vegas Line & Total: Brooklyn by 1 1/2; 195 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Phoenix (+1 1/2); Over

Game 717-718: San Antonio at Utah (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Antonio 122.934; Utah 117.958
Dunkel Line & Total: San Antonio by 5; 197
Vegas Line & Total: San Antonio by 10 1/2; 191
Dunkel Pick: Utah (+10 1/2); Over

Game 719-720: Memphis at LA Lakers (10:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Memphis 120.685; LA Lakers 115.306
Dunkel Line & Total: Memphis by 5 1/2; 193
Vegas Line & Total: Memphis by 3 1/2; 198
Dunkel Pick: Memphis (-3 1/2); Under

Game 721-722: Detroit at Sacramento (10:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Detroit 117.335; Sacramento 116.352
Dunkel Line & Total: Detroit by 1; 202
Vegas Line & Total: Sacramento by 2; 196 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Detroit (+2); Over


Boston at Ottawa
The Bruins look to build on their 17-5 record in their last 22 games in Ottawa. Boston is the pick (-115) according to Dunkel, which has the Bruins favored by 2. Dunkel Pick: Boston (-115)

Game 51-52: Los Angeles at New Jersey (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Los Angeles 12.735; New Jersey 11.845
Dunkel Line & Total: Los Angeles by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: New Jersey (-110); 5
Dunkel Pick: Los Angeles (-110); Over

Game 53-54: Toronto at Buffalo (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Toronto 12.512; Buffalo 10.925
Dunkel Line & Total: Toronto by 1 1/2; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Toronto (-140); 5
Dunkel Pick: Toronto (-140); Under

Game 55-56: Anaheim at Carolina (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Anaheim 11.161; Carolina 11.928
Dunkel Line & Total: Carolina by 1; 5
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 57-58: Nashville at Pittsburgh (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Nashville 9.665; Pittsburgh 11.177
Dunkel Line & Total: Pittsburgh by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Pittsburgh (-210); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (-210); Over

Game 59-60: Montreal at Columbus (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Montreal 11.856; Columbus 10.399
Dunkel Line & Total: Montreal by 1 1/2; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Montreal (-125); 5
Dunkel Pick: Montreal (-125); Under

Game 61-62: Washington at Detroit (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Washington 11.599; Detroit 12.965
Dunkel Line & Total: Detroit by 1 1/2; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Detroit (-140); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Detroit (-140); Under

Game 63-64: Boston at Ottawa (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Boston 12.198; Ottawa 10.323
Dunkel Line & Total: Boston by 2; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Boston (-115); 5
Dunkel Pick: Boston (-115); Under

Game 65-66: Florida at Minnesota (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Florida 10.544; Minnesota 11.931
Dunkel Line & Total: Minnesota by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Minnesota (-240); 5
Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-240); Over

Game 67-68: Philadelphia at Winnipeg (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Philadelphia 12.537; Winnipeg 11.442
Dunkel Line & Total: Philadelphia by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Winnipeg (-135); 5
Dunkel Pick: Philadelphia (+115); Over

Game 69-70: San Jose at Edmonton (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Jose 10.390; Edmonton 11.611
Dunkel Line & Total: Edmonton by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: San Jose (-175); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Edmonton (+155); Over

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15



Cornell at Louisville
The Cardinals look to take advantage of a Cornell team that is hitting the road after suffering an 89-79 loss to Binghamton and is 1-5 ATS in its last 6 games following a double-digit loss at home. Louisville is the pick (-32) according to Dunkel, which has the Cardinals favored by 42. Dunkel Pick: Louisville (-32)

Game 723-724: Florida Atlantic at Duke (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Florida Atlantic 51.040; Duke 77.272
Dunkel Line: Duke by 26
Vegas Line: Duke by 29 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Florida Atlantic (+29 1/2)

Game 725-726: Cornell at Louisville (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cornell 41.447; Louisville 83.610
Dunkel Line: Louisville by 42
Vegas Line: Louisville by 32
Dunkel Pick: Louisville (-32)

Game 727-728: Georgia Tech at Georgia (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Georgia Tech 61.125; Georgia 67.197
Dunkel Line: Georgia by 6
Vegas Line: Georgia Tech by 1
Dunkel Pick: Georgia (+1)

Game 729-730: UL-Lafayette at Arkansas (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: UL-Lafayette 52.310; Arkansas 67.765
Dunkel Line: Arkansas by 15 1/2
Vegas Line: Arkansas by 11
Dunkel Pick: Arkansas (-11)

Game 731-732: South Florida at Bowling Green (8:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: South Florida 57.450; Bowling Green 57.968
Dunkel Line: Even
Vegas Line: South Florida by 4 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Bowling Green (+4 1/2)

Game 733-734: Cleveland State at TX-Arlington (8:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cleveland State 52.970; TX-Arlington 50.301
Dunkel Line: Cleveland State by 2 1/2
Vegas Line: Pick
Dunkel Pick: Cleveland State

Game 735-736: Rice at Texas A&M (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Rice 45.334; Texas A&M 60.394
Dunkel Line: Texas A&M by 15
Vegas Line: Texas A&M by 18
Dunkel Pick: Rice (+18)

Game 737-738: Columbia at Michigan State (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Columbia 50.994; Michigan State 77.342
Dunkel Line: Michigan State by 26 1/2
Vegas Line: Michigan State by 22 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Michigan State (-22 1/2)

Game 739-740: Nevada at San Francisco (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Nevada 52.230; San Francisco 61.651
Dunkel Line: San Francisco by 9 1/2
Vegas Line: San Francisco by 7
Dunkel Pick: San Francisco (-7)

Game 741-742: UC-Davis at Utah (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: UC-Davis 53.840; Utah 62.772
Dunkel Line: Utah by 9
Vegas Line: Utah by 11 1/2
Dunkel Pick: UC-Davis (+11 1/2)

Game 743-744: Oakland at California (11:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Oakland 46.746; California 71.221
Dunkel Line: California by 24 1/2
Vegas Line: California by 18
Dunkel Pick: California (-18)

Game 745-746: Tennessee Tech vs. TX-Pan American (6:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Tennessee Tech 45.922; TX-Pan American 46.187
Dunkel Line: Even
Vegas Line: Tennessee Tech by 6
Dunkel Pick: TX-Pan American (+6)

Game 747-748: IPFW at TX-Corpus Christi (8:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: IPFW 54.047; TX-Corpus Christi 55.461
Dunkel Line: TX-Corpus Christi by 1 1/2
Vegas Line: IPFW by 4
Dunkel Pick: TX-Corpus Christi (+4)

Game 749-750: San Jose State vs. WI-Milwaukee (6:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Jose State 40.673; WI-Milwaukee 49.897
Dunkel Line: WI-Milwaukee by 9
Vegas Line: WI-Milwaukee by 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: WI-Milwaukee (-5 1/2)

Game 751-752: James Madison at Northern Illinois (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: James Madison 50.138; Northern Illinois 50.381
Dunkel Line: Even
Vegas Line: James Madison by 2
Dunkel Pick: Northern Illinois (+2)

Game 753-754: Elon at Charlotte (4:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Elon 49.053; Charlotte 60.921
Dunkel Line: Charlotte by 12
Vegas Line: Charlotte by 2 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Charlotte (-2 1/2)

Game 755-756: Western Carolina at Virginia Tech (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Western Carolina 47.511; Virginia Tech 52.504
Dunkel Line: Virginia Tech by 5
Vegas Line: Virginia Tech by 8
Dunkel Pick: Western Carolina (+8)

Game 757-758: Murray State at Old Dominion (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Murray State 47.705; Old Dominion 54.733
Dunkel Line: Old Dominion by 7
Vegas Line: Old Dominion by 2
Dunkel Pick: Old Dominion (-2)

Game 759-760: Samford at Indiana (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Samford 44.305; Indiana 73.406
Dunkel Line: Indiana by 29
Vegas Line: Indiana by 19 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Indiana (-19 1/2)

Game 761-762: Morehead State at Xavier (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Morehead State 51.258; Xavier 61.033
Dunkel Line: Xavier by 10
Vegas Line: Xavier by 13 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Morehead State (+13 1/2)

Game 763-764: Idaho State at Arizona State (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Idaho State 42.664; Arizona State 70.473
Dunkel Line: Arizona State by 28
Vegas Line: Arizona State by 22 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Arizona State (-22 1/2)

Game 765-766: NE-Omaha at UNLV (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: NE-Omaha 49.286; UNLV 60.308
Dunkel Line: UNLV by 11
Vegas Line: UNLV by 14
Dunkel Pick: NE-Omaha (+14)

Game 767-768: Northern Arizona at USC (11:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Northern Arizona 45.271; USC 59.869
Dunkel Line: USC by 14 1/2
Vegas Line: USC by 17
Dunkel Pick: Northern Arizona (+17)

Game 771-772: Holy Cross at North Carolina (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Holy Cross 45.487; North Carolina 73.183
Dunkel Line: North Carolina by 27 1/2
Vegas Line: North Carolina by 21
Dunkel Pick: North Carolina (-21)

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Jim Feist

Washington vs. UCLA
play: Over 60½

A pair of deadly offenses meet in the warm, California Friday night air. Washington comes to town with a senior QB and one of the best offenses in the nation averaging 37 points, 286.9 yards passing (25th) and 17th in the nation with 229 yards rushing. That was on display last week as QB Keith Price threw for two touchdowns and ran for one as part of a huge first half where Washington racked up nearly 500 yards on offense, and the Huskies routed Colorado 59-7. Washington ran 59 plays and finished with 464 total yards in the first half! This team got smoked in mid-season during a 3-game skid because of a soft defense and they face a deadly UCLA offense in this one, one averaging 36.6 ppg behind QB Hundley. They've scored between 37 and 58 points in every home game. This will be an offensive show.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Doug Upstone

Elon vs. UNC-Charlotte    
Play: Elon +2½

Elon returns much of their scoring from last year, they are favored to win the Southern conference this season, ahead of Davidson and Samford. They overachieved a bit in the 2012-2013 campaign and may not have the sneak up luxury this year but will be interesting to see how they handle it. Take the Phoenix plus 2 or 3 here, they are the better team and should win this one outright on the road.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Red Dog Sports

Columbia vs. Michigan State
Play: Columbia +23

Take the underdog from the Ivy League. Michigan State is off a big win over Kentucky in a #1 vs. #2 battle on national TV and now they must face the Lions. Columbia has some talent that can make 3's and I think they can stay within 18 to 20 points.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Rob Vinciletti

Detroit Pistons vs. Sacramento Kings    
Play: Sacramento Kings -1½

The Kings fit a rare system here that has won the only 7 times it has applied since 1995. The sample is small but here goes. We want to play on home teams off a home dog win if they had 3 or more days off prior to the win and they play a road team that is off a road dog loss and spread loss. These home teams are 7-0 straight up and ats winning by an average 104-90 score. Both teams are 2-5 on the season but the Pistons are 0-4 straight up and ats of late and have lost 16 of 19 if their last 3 games have played over the total. We will back the Sacramento Kings here who were very impressive in their wire to wire win over Brooklyn on Wednesday night. On Friday there are Four 100% Perfect 5* Plays to start the weekend off in the NBA, a 20-1 NCAAB Power angle Play and the PAC 12 Simulator side with a 100% angle. Jump on now and Roll your book like wholesale carpet.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Joe Gavazzi

UCLA -2.5

Each of these teams is Bowl eligible and trailing in their respective divisions of the PAC 12. Each has an explosive offense. Washington operates behind QB Price and RB Sankey. UCLA operates behind QB Hundley, RB James, and array of defensive players who UCLA HC Mora has begun to switch to the offensive side of the ball. Factors favoring UCLA are the slightly better offense, better defense, and a home road dichotomy which finds UCLA to be 7-0 SU, 5-2 ATS in this series at this site, while Washington enters on a 3-9 ATS slide in pure road games.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Carlos Salazar

Washington at UCLA
Play: UCLA -2.5

UCLA has been a scoring machine at home this season averaging nearly 50 points per game. Look for more of the same on Friday night against Washington who has struggled on the road this season allowing 36 points per game. Carlos says you can bet UCLA with confidence.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15


Washington Huskies +2.5

I like the spot here for the Huskies as they take on a UCLA team that is dealing with multiple injures at their skill positions. The Bruins had to turn to freshmen linebacker Miles Jack last week to play running back do to the numerous injuries that UCLA has at the position. I also look for Washington to use various blitz schemes defensively against UCLA. Bruins quarterback Brett Hundley at this stage in his career has not handled blitzes very well. The Huskies are a team that does not have a problem scoring points. Washington has a balanced offensive attack that averages over 200 yards per game on both the ground and through the air and has put up 100 points and almost 1300 yards off offense in their last two games. Washington's game plan will be to pound the ball on the ground with running back Bishop Sankey. Sankey had his seventh 125 yard rushing game of the season last Saturday in the Huskies 59-7 win over Colorado. Sankey is third in the nation rushing for 145 yards per game and has rushed for 384 yards and three touchdowns in his last two games. The soft spot in the UCLA defense is the rush defense. Last week the Bruins allowed Arizona's Ka'Deem Carey, the country's second leading rusher, to run for 149 yards and a touchdown. If the Huskies have that same kind of success running the ball they will pick up the win here. Take the points.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15



Hiring the wrong coach can often be a blunder that ends up having long term ramifications. Doing it twice in a row can lead to an utter disaster. Utah is finding that out the hard way these days, as the once perennially tough Utes have fallen upon some mighty hard times o the hardwood.

Rick Majerus was going to be impossible to replace when he left Utah. But the Utes made the wrong call with Ray Giacoletti, and following one big year with Majerus holdovers, it was straight downhill for Utah. They then turned to the energetic Jim Boylen, who seemed to be turning things around. But Boylen was never really a good fit for this program and when it went bad, it went really bad.

Thus, the Utes are in rebuilding mode as they enter their third season under Larry Krystkowiak. But this time I feel as though Utah got it right. Krystkowiak has already made some nice strides with the program, and it showed late last season when the Utes made a stunning run in the PAC-12 tournament.

This year’s entry has lots of new faces, with a significant JUCO input. They’re not ready to contend in the PAC-12, but if the grit and determination this team showed last year remains intact, the Utes are going to make life a little tougher on their conference brethren this season.

Tonight is the first legit game for Utah this season. The game against something called Evergreen State means nothing. But I at least like the apparent fact they played with effort for the entire game, even though it was over by opening tip.

UC-Davis is the opponent tonight, and the Aggies are not exactly off to a dream start. They lost JT Adenrele for the season with a knee injury, and will probably be without the services of their big star tonight. Corey Hawkins is the unquestioned MVP on this team, and he’s doubtful with a hand injury.

I made a note to myself during last year’s conference tournament that Utah might be a good early season value this year. The number here gets a bump with the Hawkins injury, but I still see good reason to roll with the Utes out of the gate. I’ll spot the number with Utah to go full bore for the full 40 again and come away with the win and cover in the process.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Alex Smith Sports

Nebraska Omaha vs UNLV
Pick: Nebraska Omaha

The Rebels came into the season as favorites to win the Mountain West, but have looked like total busts so far, Losing a preseason tilt to D2 School Dixie State, and recently getting blown out by UC-Santa Barbera, both at home. They now take on a speedy running team in Nebraska-Omaha, who rank near the top in the country in possessions per game. Both teams play fast, with UNLV having the edge on defense. This is a must win for the Rebels, because with Arizona State and Illinois on deck, things won’t get easier for Dave Rice’s crew. I like the Rebs to win this game but I feel UNO will keep it close to the number and cover the spread. Take the points with the Mavericks +13.5

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Mid-Major Matt

Cleveland State vs Texas Arlington
Pick: Texas Arlington

Cleveland State moves from California to Texas as they continue their road trip. Next up is Texas-Arlington who is 2-1 on the season. The Mavericks have taken care of business at home with their loss coming at Boise State 116-87. They are led by Reger Dowell who puts up 26.3 points per game. The home team has four double digit scorers and is finding things a little easier then expected offensively. The Vikings lost to San Francisco Wednesday night and are expected to travel to play another road game just 48 hours later. In that one they lost 91-82 to the Dons. They are led by Bryn Forbes who is scoring 17 points per game. San Fran has failed to cover 24 of their last 38 games against teams with a winning record. They also have failed to cover in 21 of their last 32 road lined games. We'll take Texas-Arlington on Friday night.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Charlies Sports

Detroit Piston +2

The 2-5 Detroit Pistons of the NBA Eastern Conference Central division will take on the 2-5 Sacramento Kings of the Western Conference Pacific division in 2013 NBA action. Detroit has dropped their last 4 NBA games Against The Spread. The over is 5-0 the last 5 eetings between the teams. Detroit is 5-0 the past 5 times the teams have played in Sacramento. Detroit gets the road cover.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Andrew Lange

Texas A&M -18

In 2012, Rice was a nice story with 19 wins and two postseason victories. But the following year six players left the program including Arsalan Kazemi who proved to be a high-quality DI player during his time at Oregon. It is one thing for players to leave when a program bottoms out but it isn't a good sign following a season head coach Ben Braun had been spent three years working towards. Not surprising, last year was a mess as the Owls posted just one conference win and lost by single digits on only four occasions. Heading into this year, Rice lost its top two scorers and rebounders and Braun was forced to reload once again. In their season opener, the Owls shot less than 40% in a nine-point win over NAIA St. Thomas. And last time out, in what was a huge red flag, the Owls were beat on their home floor by Southeastern Louisiana who opened the season with an 89-53 loss at Missouri. Texas A&M has looked sharp in the early going with an 82-58 win over Buffalo and 91-67 win over Mississippi Valley State. The Aggies lost Elston Turner but returned four players with starting experience. Turner's departure is big as he was the centerpiece of the offense but against weaker competition, I expect to see more balance and some of A&M's younger players to gain confidence. Against Buffalo, A&M had seven players score between 8-15 points and we saw a similar output against MVSU. Offensive efficiency has always been a concern with A&M but Rice's defensive numbers last season were horrific and their only two true post players are freshmen. That suggests A&M, who shot 62% from 2-point range in the first two games, should have a field day in the paint with a ton of good looks.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Jimmy Boyd

Brooklyn Nets -1

The Brooklyn Nets have been off to a slow start this season, but I think they will hand Phoenix their first loss of the season tonight. The Nets have not been playing bad, they just have not caught a lot of breaks this season. They are averaging 95.7 points per game, shooting 44% from the field. They have averaged 55 rebounds per game when playing on the road, which gives them an edge over the Suns who average 52 boards per game.

The Nets actually outperform the Suns in a lot of different statistical categories. They have more assists, less turnovers and are a better rebounding team. They are shooting 33.9% from the three-point line, while the Suns average 31.3% from beyond the arch when playing at home. The Nets are 15-6 ATS in their last 21 games against Pacific division teams. The Suns are 2-8 ATS in their last 10 home games against a team winning less than 40% of their road games.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Ray Monohan

Minnesota Timberwolves -1.5

The Nuggets are not nearly the imposing force at home that we have come to expect. They are off to a rough start while Minnesota ha found success as one of the top scoring teams in the league to start. Down a key inside player the Nuggets are light upfront and lack the scoring options to play the style of game they used to. The new style just ain’t working really so take Minnesota as the short road favourite. All they have to do is win by a bucket.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Dave Price

Boston Celtics +2½

The Trail Blazers are off to a nice 6-2 start but have enjoyed the comforts of home for five of their first eight games. Boston is 4-5 but has played five of its first nine on the road. The Celtics struggled early on losing their first four games (three of those on the road) but are 4-1 SU in their last five and 5-1 ATS in their last six. We also get Boston in a motivated spot as they are coming off an upset loss to the Bobcats. What we've learned is the Blazers can't be trusted laying small change on the road. In fact, they are 0-8 ATS as a road favorite of 3 points or less over the last 3 seasons, losing by an average of 8.8 points in this spot. Portland has lost nine straight in Boston by an average of 14.4 points. Take the Celtics.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15

Steve Janus

Bobcats/Cavaliers Under 190

This will be the second time the Bobcats and Cavaliers have faced off in 2013. In the first meeting the two teams combined to score just 174 points and it's hard to expect a whole lot of improvement. Both Cleveland and Charlotte rank in the bottom three in the league in offensive efficiency and neither of these teams are looking to push the pace. Cleveland has topped 100 points in a game just twice all season and that came against a couple of bad defenses in Milwaukee and Philadelphia. The Bobcats have eclipsed the century mark just once and that was a mere 102 points against an unmotivated Knicks team on the road. For this game to go over we are looking at a score based on the spread of 99-92, which I believe is simply asking too much. The UNDER is 33-16 in the Cavaliers last 49 home games following a loss.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15


BUFFALO +125 over Toronto

OT included. It was a long time coming. The Sabres finally parted ways with Darcy Regier after 13 long years as Buffalo’s GM. Ron Rolston is also gone and that’s another good move by owner Terry Pegula. Against Anaheim last week, Rolston decided to bench the Hodgson/Moulson/Ennis line for the entire first half of the game and if that won’t get you fired, nothing will. Note to Rolston if he ever coaches again; next time you bench your three best players with a crap team, please inform the betting public so we can at least get paid like you do. The Ducks beat the Sabres that night 6-2 and outshot them 47-26. The Sabres now look to past glory to bring them back to respectability. Enter Pat LaFontaine, now overseeing hockey operations and interim coach Ted Nolan. What, Gilbert Perrault, Rene Robert and Richard Martin were unavailable? All kidding aside, the Sabres really aren’t this bad and they’re positioned to be a force in a few years with a bevy of draft picks and a minor league crop of what most experts are calling can’t miss prospects. The Sabres have two wins over their last four games. They defeated the Sharks in San Jose and they also defeated the Kings. The “first game with a new coach”

angle also comes into play here and the Sabres catch the Maple Leafs at a pretty good time. Toronto’s Nazem Kadri has been suspended for three games. He joins the Maple Leafs’ other two top centers on the rack and that leaves a huge hole up the middle. It also makes the Leafs less dangerous from an offensive standpoint. Toronto has one OT win against New Jersey and three regulation goals over its last four games. The Leafs' habitual pattern this season—getting outshot but winning thanks to great goaltending and opportunistic scoring is starting to catch up to them. The goaltending is still great but the Maple Leafs are slumping and their defense is still a huge work in progress. This is a home and home series and a spirited effort is expected this weekend from the Sabres. We like them to win one of the two games and should they lose here, we’ll come back with them tomorrow at an even bigger price.

Boston -½ +145 over OTTAWA

Regulation only. This bet will stand only if Craig Anderson starts for the Senators. Sens Coach Paul MacLean insists that he will and for that MacLean is an idiot. Anderson was great for a long time for Ottawa but so what? The NHL is lined with great players that lost it and when they do, they have to earn playing time back. We’re not suggesting that Anderson has lost it but we are saying that right now he’s not the same. Anderson has spent a lot of time on the shelf over the past couple of years and his timing may be off but one thing we know for sure is that he’s psychologically frazzled and he’s the second best goaltender on the team. When Ottawa reeled off three consecutive, much-needed wins last week, they owe four of those six points to Robin Lehner. With the exception of a win over Florida, the Sens were badly outshot and out-chanced in the other two. Lehner has been ridiculously good for the Sens with a .945 save percentage on the season and he has yet to record a save percentage under .900 in any one game. Against Philadelphia on Tuesday, Anderson got the nod and Ottawa lost 5-0. Now MacLean will come right back with Anderson and it’s a move that is questionable at best. Ottawa has looked out of sorts the entire season. Something is clearly not right with this team and MacLean’s decision to start Anderson has to be viewed as a bad one. It makes no sense at all.

Tuukka Rask is the NHL’s best goaltender and that along is enough reason to bet the Bruins here. Boston has also won four straight and outscored the opposition over that span, 13-4. Boston’s goal differential of plus 19 is tops in the East and the only teams that top its mark are the Blues, Rockies and Sharks. It also doesn’t hurt that the B’s are 2-0 in the second game of back-to-backs. The Bruins are in great form right now. That said, this wager is largely predicated on the Sens arrow pointing in the wrong direction. Internally, something is wrong. Again, this bet will stand only if Anderson is confirmed. If the Sens go with Lehner, this write-up will be removed.

Philadelphia +123 over WINNIPEG

OT included. It would be easy to jump on the Jets bandwagon here after the team won three in a row over Nashville, San Jose and Detroit. Winnipeg has also won four of its last five with only loss over that span occurring against Chicago. That’s a nice stretch indeed but they were a pooch in every game except for the one against Nashville in which they allowed 41 shots on net and Preds goaltender Carl Hutton couldn’t stop anything. The point is, the Jets have much more appeal when taking back a tag as oppose to spotting one. In a game against a team with more talent or at least equal talent, the Jets are a 50/50 proposition. They now catch a Flyers team that is coming on.

Hopefully we’re not too late to get back on this Flyers bandwagon. We billed them as an undervalued squad early and stopped playing them after a 7-0 loss to the Capitals two weeks ago. Since then, Philadelphia has picked up 9 out of a possible 12 points over six games. Over this current three-game trip that ends tonight, the Flyers are 2-0 and have outscored Ottawa and Pittsburgh, 7-1. They’ve won three in a row overall and outscored the opposition 11-3. No doubt the Flyers will be looking to make it a perfect trip with a win here. Philadelphia has been playing hard the entire year but the pucks weren’t going in. This was a frustrated team with no luck in the first six weeks but that is no longer the case. The Flyers have a great chance to keep it going against a Jets’ team that is a bit overvalued right now.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 15


Detroit +114 over SACRAMENTO

Sacramento's decision not to commit to Jimmer Fredette is fair but starting 34-year-old John Salmons (5.1 ppg on 30.4 percent shooting) on a rebuilding team is baffling. The Kings would be better served trying to find minutes for their 24-year-old shooting guard rather than trying to squeeze some semblance of production out of Salmons. Fredette might not belong in the starting lineup, but he doesn't belong at the end of the bench of a rebuilding squad either. In the end, the Kings although in the tougher West, are going to lose a lot more games than the Pistons will.

After losing the first two games of their current four-game trip, the Pistons have now lost four straight overall and have just two victories in seven games, which is the exact same record as the Kings. Detroit has been a perennial bottom feeder for years and their slow start has many folks believing that it is the same old, same old but we’re here to tell nothing could be further from the truth. The Pistons five losses have come against Memphis, Indiana, OKC, Portland and Golden State. Outside of their loss against the Warriors, they were in a position to win the other four. Detroit has the size, the talent and the defensive expertise to be a stout team. The Pistons' forest of big men will overpowered weaker teams like the one they will see here. The Pistons are on the verge of a good run and they’re desperate for a win. They have the Lakers up next and there is little chance that they are going to be 0-4 after these last two games of this trip. Getting anything against the Kings is a gift. 

Pass CBB & CFB

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