Tuesday Service Plays

Re: Tuesday Service Plays

LT Profits

Tampa Bay Rays +135

While we would like to preface this selection by saying that we expect the Tampa Bay Rays to regress this season after a magical World Series run last year, we do see value at this price in the opener vs. the Boston Red Sox today.

Rays starter James Shields has some of the nastiest stuff in the league, and he is one of the few Tampa Bay players that we could see either duplicating or even possibly improving on his season last year. He had good success against the Red Sox year also, recording four Quality Starts in six starts against them including a perfect two for two in the ALCS.

On the other hand, Josh Beckett was somewhat of a disappointment in 2008, going just 12-10 with a 4.03 ERA. As great as his reputation is, this marked the second time in three years that he had an ERA over 4.00 (it was a poor 5.01 in 2006), and he has become rather injury prone.

It remains to be seen if a heavy workload earlier in his career is a contribution factor, but the fact is that Beckett had a difficult time going beyond six innings when he did make it to the mound last season. As if that is not disconcerting enough, Beckett did not exactly fool the Rays batters in two starts in the ALCS, allowing a total of 10 earned runs and 13 hits in just 9.1 innings over two starts.

While it may be short-lived, look for the Tampa Bay magic from last year to carry over into opening day here.

Pick: Rays +135

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Marc Lawrence

Play On: San Antonio

When the Spurs take on the Thunder in Oklahoma City this evening they will do so knowing they are playing with DOUBLE REVENGE from a pair of losses suffered earlier this season. With San Antonio off a 20-point loss, look for the Spurs to improve to 8-1 SU and 6-2 ATS as road favorites with same season double revenge here tonight.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins
PICK: Seattle Mariners

Had the Twins played better against Seattle last August they likely would have made the playoffs but the lowly Mariners won four times against Minnesota late in the year. High profile acquisition Erik Bedard was not involved in any of those games as his season was shutdown early but all indications are that Bedard is ready to go after limited action this spring. The Twins have had past problems against left-handed pitching as several key hitters in the lineup are left-handed, although Joe Mauer will not be one of them as he has been placed on the DL.

Nick Blackburn only pitched 14 innings this spring and although he won eleven games last year there is reason to believe his numbers could be worse this season. Opponents hit .279 against Blackburn last season and he has just 96 strikeouts in 193 innings pitched. Home runs were a bit of a problem and he figures to be the least steady of the young Twins starters in the rotations. The Twins bullpen has a great closer but the middle innings were a problem last season and could again be an issue this year.

Minnesota had a great season last year built on incredible numbers hitting with runners in scoring position. Those numbers will be hard to replicate and Minnesota may be a team that sees a drop in the standings this year. In 2007 Bedard was a Cy Young candidate that was routinely priced as a heavy favorite, he is a bargain at this number going against a second year starter that was inconsistent last season. The Mariners have some potential this season and even with Ichiro out of the lineup there is enough offense on this club to surprise early in the year.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Jimmy Boyd

1 Unit on Minnesota Twins -115

After getting crushed 6-1 in last night's home Opener, expect the Twins to bounce back strong tonight. I'll gladly fade the Mariner's Erik Bedard as he is 0-5 when starting against Minnesota with an ERA of 4.84 and a WHIP of 1.783. The Twins are one of the best hitting teams in the bigs against Southpaws at 18-3 in their last 21 home games vs. a left-handed starter. The Mariners are 1-10 in their last 11 games as a road underdog and 13-40 in their last 53 after scoring 5 runs or more in their previous game. Bet the Twins tonight.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


New Orleans at Miami   
The Hornets are just 1-6 ATS in their last 7 games as a road underdog between 1 and 4 1/2 points, while the Heat are 9-1 ATS in their last 10 games as a favorite by the same margin.  Miami is the pick (-3 1/2) according to Dunkel, which has the Heat favored by 7.   Dunkel Pick: Miami (-3 1/2).

Game 651-652: Atlanta at Toronto
Dunkel Ratings: Atlanta 122.093; Toronto 120.410
Dunkel Line & Total: Atlanta by 1 1/2; 195
Vegas Line & Total: Atlanta by 1; 197
Dunkel Pick: Atlanta (-1); Under

Game 653-654: Philadelphia at Charlotte
Dunkel Ratings: Philadelphia 115.572; Charlotte 123.040
Dunkel Line & Total: Charlotte by 7 1/2; 187 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: Charlotte by 4 1/2; 185 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Charlotte (-4 1/2); Over

Game 655-656: New Orleans at Miami
Dunkel Ratings: New Orleans 114.553; Miami 121.766
Dunkel Line & Total: Miami by 7; 197
Vegas Line & Total: Miami by 3 1/2; 189
Dunkel Pick: Miami (-3 1/2); Over

Game 657-658: Portland at Memphis
Dunkel Ratings: Portland 121.844; Memphis 118.798
Dunkel Line & Total: Portland by 3; 193
Vegas Line & Total: Portland by 7; 191 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Memphis (+7); Over

Game 659-660: San Antonio at Oklahoma City
Dunkel Ratings: San Antonio 119.400; Oklahoma City 115.388
Dunkel Line & Total: San Antonio by 4; 196 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 661-662: New York at Chicago
Dunkel Ratings: New York 112.272; Chicago 123.897
Dunkel Line & Total: Chicago by 11 1/2; 221
Vegas Line & Total: Chicago by 8; 217
Dunkel Pick: Chicago (-8); Over

Game 663-664: Orlando at Houston
Dunkel Ratings: Orlando 121.972; Houston 125.910
Dunkel Line & Total: Houston by 4; 188
Vegas Line & Total: Pick; 188 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Houston; Under

Game 665-666: LA Lakers at Sacramento
Dunkel Ratings: LA Lakers 121.206; Sacramento 115.263
Dunkel Line & Total: LA Lakers by 6; 209
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 667-668: Minnesota at LA Clippers
Dunkel Ratings: Minnesota 110.582; LA Clippers 113.448
Dunkel Line & Total: LA Clippers by 3; 200
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A


Seattle at Minnesota
The Twins are 6-1 in Nick Blackburn's last 7 home starts as a favorite and look to take advantage of a Seattle team that is just 1-10 in their last 11 games as a road underdog.  Minnesota is the pick (-120) according to Dunkel, which has the Twins favored by 1.  Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-120).

Game 951-952: Milwaukee at San Francisco
Dunkel Ratings: Milwaukee (Suppan) 13.955; San Francisco (Lincecum) 15.342
Dunkel Line: San Francisco by 1 1/2; 8
Vegas Line: San Francisco (-185); 7
Dunkel Pick: San Francisco (-185); Over

Game 953-954: Atlanta at Philadelphia
Dunkel Ratings: Atlanta (Jurrjens) 15.777; Philadelphia (Moyer) 16.850
Dunkel Line: Philadelphia by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Philadelphia (-120); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Philadelphia (-120); Over

Game 955-956: Washington at Florida
Dunkel Ratings: Washington (Olsen) 13.223; Florida (Johnson) 15.862
Dunkel Line: Florida by 2 1/2; 7 1/2
Vegas Line: Florida (-165); 8
Dunkel Pick: Florida (-165); Under

Game 957-958: Chicago Cubs at Houston
Dunkel Ratings: Cubs (Dempster) 16.466; Houston (Rodriguez) 15.349
Dunkel Line: Chicago Cubs by 1; 7 1/2
Vegas Line: Chicago Cubs (-130); 8
Dunkel Pick: Chicago Cubs (-130); Under

Game 959-960: Pittsburgh at St. Louis
Dunkel Ratings: Pittsburgh (Snell) 16.385; St. Louis (Lohse) 15.116
Dunkel Line: Pittsburgh by 1; 9
Vegas Line: St. Louis (-165); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (+155); Over

Game 961-962: Colorado at Arizona
Dunkel Ratings: Colorado (Jimenez) 15.349; Arizona (Haren) 14.748
Dunkel Line: Colorado by 1/2; 7
Vegas Line: Arizona (-165); 8
Dunkel Pick: Colorado (+155); Under

Game 963-964: LA Dodgers at San Diego
Dunkel Ratings: LA Dodgers (Wolf) 13.872; San Diego (Young) 14.568
Dunkel Line: San Diego by 1; 8
Vegas Line: San Diego (-130); 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: San Diego (-130); Over

Game 965-966: Detroit at Toronto
Dunkel Ratings: Detroit (Jackson) 13.532; Toronto (Purcey) 16.607
Dunkel Line: Toronto by 3; 10 1/2
Vegas Line: Toronto (-125); 9 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Toronto (-125); Over

Game 967-968: Seattle at Minnesota
Dunkel Ratings: Seattle (Bedard) 15.170; Minnesota (Blackburn) 16.073
Dunkel Line: Minnesota by 1; 7
Vegas Line: Minnesota (120); 8
Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-120); Under

Game 969-970: Oakland at LA Angels
Dunkel Ratings: Oakland (Cahill) 14.908; LA Angels (Moseley) 14.669
Dunkel Line: Oakland by 1/2; 8
Vegas Line: LA Angels (-140); 9
Dunkel Pick: Oakland (+130); Under

Game 971-972: Kansas City at Chicago White Sox
Dunkel Ratings: Kansas City (Meche) 16.998; White Sox (Buehrle) 15.822
Dunkel Line: Kansas City by 1; 7
Vegas Line: Chicago White Sox (-140); 8
Dunkel Pick: Kansas City (+130); Under

Game 973-974: Tampa Bay at Boston
Dunkel Ratings: Tampa Bay (Shields) 16.295; Boston (Beckett) 14.851
Dunkel Line: Tampa Bay by 1 1/2; 9 1/2
Vegas Line: Boston (-145); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Tampa Bay (+135); Over


St. Louis at Phoenix
The Blues are 6-1 in their last 7 games versus the Pacific Division, while the Coyotes are 0-7 in their last 7 against the Central.  St. Louis is the pick (-135) according to Dunkel, which has the Blues favored by 1.  Dunkel Pick: St. Louis (-135). 

Game 51-52: Toronto at New Jersey
Dunkel Ratings: Toronto 10.545; New Jersey 12.130
Dunkel Line & Total: New Jersey by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: New Jersey (-260); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: New Jersey (-260); Over

Game 53-54: NY Islanders at Carolina
Dunkel Ratings: NY Islanders 10.707; Carolina 12.890
Dunkel Line & Total: Carolina by 2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Carolina (-320); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Carolina (-320); Over

Game 55-56: Washington at Atlanta
Dunkel Ratings: Washington 11.728; Atlanta 12.234
Dunkel Line & Total: Atlanta by 1/2; 7 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: Washington (-165); 7
Dunkel Pick: Atlanta (+145); Over

Game 57-58: Florida at Philadelphia
Dunkel Ratings: Florida 11.951; Philadelphia 11.613
Dunkel Line & Total: Florida by 1/2; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Philadelphia (-185); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Florida (+165); Under

Game 59-60: Montreal at NY Rangers
Dunkel Ratings: Montreal 11.714; NY Rangers 11.691
Dunkel Line & Total: Montreal by 1/2; 4 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: NY Rangers (-160); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Montreal (+140); Under

Game 61-62: Boston at Ottawa
Dunkel Ratings: Boston 11.987; Ottawa 12.169
Dunkel Line & Total: Ottawa by 1/2; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Boston (-165); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Ottawa (+145); Under

Game 63-64: Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay
Dunkel Ratings: Pittsburgh 12.114; Tampa Bay 10.195
Dunkel Line & Total: Pittsburgh by 2; 6 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: Pittsburgh (-240); 6
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (-240); Over

Game 65-66: Chicago at Nashville
Dunkel Ratings: Chicago 11.631; Nashville 11.284
Dunkel Line & Total: Chicago by 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Nashville (-110); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Chicago (-110); Over

Game 67-68: Dallas at Minnesota
Dunkel Ratings: Dallas 10.361; Minnesota 11.805
Dunkel Line & Total: Minnesota by 1 1/2; 4 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: Minnesota (-200); 5
Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-200); Under

Game 69-70: Los Angeles at Edmonton
Dunkel Ratings: Los Angeles 10.654; Edmonton 11.601
Dunkel Line & Total: Edmonton by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Edmonton (-180); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Edmonton (-180); Over

Game 71-72: Calgary at Vancouver
Dunkel Ratings: Calgary 11.334; Vancouver 10.446
Dunkel Line & Total: Calgary by 1; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Vancouver (-160); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Calgary (+140); Under

Game 73-74: St. Louis at Phoenix
Dunkel Ratings: St. Louis 11.242; Phoenix 10.273
Dunkel Line & Total: St. Louis by 1; 5
Vegas Line & Total: St. Louis (-135); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: St. Louis (-135); Under

Game 75-76: Colorado at San Jose
Dunkel Ratings: Colorado 10.310; San Jose 11.635
Dunkel Line & Total: San Jose by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: San Jose (-400); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: San Jose (-400); Over

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins
PICK: Minnesota Twins

Southpaw hurler Erik Bedard was a big disappointment for the Seattle Mariners last season , because of shoulder, hip and back problems. Despite of what was described as a pain free spring in cactus league play, he was just 1-1 along with a bloated 5.56 ERA and looks primed to be beat around by a Minnesota team that plays their best baseball at home in the Metro Dome. It must be noted that the Twinkies have been especially tough when hosting lefties as is evident by their 18-3 L/21 record. Meanwhile, the Twins, will return fire with sophomore right hurler Nick Blackburn, who is off a 11-11 rookie season along with a 4.05 ERA. He has shown promise, and with his team winning 6 of his L/7 starts in the land of Lakes as favorite, looks like a viable pitcher to back. Both teams are missing integral offensive components with the Mariners playing without super star Ichiro and the Twins missing Joe Mauers bat ,so they are on even grounds personnel wise . The main difference maker will come via the pitching matchup and home field advantage.

Final notes & Key Trends: Mariners are 4-17 in their last 21 games with umpire Chuck Meriwether behind home plate . The Twins pounded out 27 runs in three home wins over the Mariners last season. Bedard is 0-5 with a 4.84 ERA against the Twins in seven career starts.Play on Minnesota to win (moneyline)

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Tom Freese

Orlando Magic at Houston Rockets
Prediction: Orlando Magic

Two NBA heavyweights hook up tonight when the Magic takes on the Rockets in Houston. Orlando has won 8 of their last 9 games while Houston has won 10 of their last 15 games. The Magic have been road warriors going 59-28-3 ATS their last 90 road games. They are also 22-8 ATS their 30 games vs. winning teams. The Rockets are 7-21-1 ATS off an ATS win and they are 7-17-1 ATS off a double digit win. PLAY ON ORLANDO

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Dwayne Bryant

MIN (-108) vs SEA

Look for the Twins to bounce back tonight after losing the home opener last night, 6-1.The Mariners lefty starter Erik Bedard is getting a lot of respect with this line. Bedard has been dominant in the past, but his recent history is a bit questionable.Bedard averaged just 5 1/3 innings in his 15 starts last season, struggling with hip and back problems before requiring season-ending surgery on his pitching shoulder.Bedard is ready to appear in a regular-season game for the first time since July 4th against Detroit, although he was slowed for part of the spring with sore buttocks.He'll try to start by beating the Twins for the first time. He's 0-5 with a 4.84 ERA against them in seven career starts, with Minnesota's Justin Morneau plaguing his Canadian countryman, going 8-for-16 with two home runs.On the heels of his breakout rookie season in 2008, right-hander Nick Blackburn will try to help Minnesota get back on track. Blackburn was 11-11 with a 4.05 ERA in 33 starts last season, serving as a steady presence to help the Twins reach a one-game playoff with the Chicago White Sox for the AL Central crown. He faced Seattle just once, earning the victory after giving up three runs in six innings of Minnesota's 7-3 road win on 8/6/08.The Twins are 18-3 in their last 21 home games vs. a left-handed starter. Minnesota totaled 27 runs in three home wins over the Mariners last season and I expect them to bounce back tonight. Take Minnesota.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Andre Gomes

NOH +4.5 vs MIA

The Hornets are coming from a humiliating home loss against the Jazz 94-108. I remember that it was the first road win of the Jazz against a Western top team and the Hornets didn't have any change to compete as they trailed 19-41 after the first quarter. The Jazz pounded the Hornets down the post by taking advantage from the fact that Tyson Chandler is still out. Utah had 40 points in the paint . . . in the first half alone. They finished the game with 54 points inside vs just 36 points from the Hornets.I expect a great bounce back tonight for the Hornets as they face the Heat on the Road: "This was very frustrating, " Hornets Coach Byron Scott said. "We talked the other day about coming out and being aggressive with this team. And when I say aggressive, I mean to kind of take away things. I thought we just allowed them to pass the ball where they wanted to, go where they wanted to.Miami is coming from 2 nice road wins against the Bobcats and the Wizards and they come to home in a good mood. Dwayne Wade is carrying this team but I think that the Hornets have a real chance to perform fine today. First of all the Heat doesn't have a powerful frontcourt that can pound the Hornets inside the paint. They are ranked just 22th with 37.3 ppg in pointer in the paint per game and for this contest power forward Udonis Haslem is out! In those last 2 wins in Charlotte and Washington the Heat was actually outscored in the paint 38-50 and 36-50. This is a clear sign that Miami is relying on their perimeter shooters. Head coach Spoelstra started with forward Yahkouba Diawara in the place of Haslem and the Heat played small ball last game.In my opinion I really think that the Hornets have the edge on the frontcourt because David West won't have any real opponent tonight. Also rookie Chalmers has a tough matchup tonight against Chris Paul. Despite Chalmers is a good defender the fact is that he struggled to keep up defensively with the likes of Will Solomon, Nate Robinson and Sebastian Telfair.Miami is coming from a short road trip and this is flat spot for them. The Heat are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 games following a SU win of more than 10 points and I expect the Hornets to perform well with the sense of urgency. This series has been a good matchup for the Hornets as they are 6-0-1 ATS in the last 7 meetings vs Miami and I think this is likely to be a ballgame and Chris Paul will took over the game. Take the Hornets in here

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Ron Raymond

PHI / FLA Over 5.5

When FLORIDA played as Road Underdog- in the month of April; The OVER is 7-3-0 for the Panthers in this spot the L10 Games.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Tony Karpinski

Detroit Tigers vs. Toronto Blue Jays     
Play: Detroit Tigers     

Detroit faced one of the best opening day starters yesterday and Halladay got the best of them. The Tigers will bounce back tonight with a powerful offense and upgraded the infield defense significantly for this season. Miguel Cabrera will play first base after beginning last season as the Tigers’ third baseman (he could handle it). 2B Placido Polanco is a sure-handed second baseman, along with SS Adam Everett. Moving Brandon Inge to third base is a terrific move. He reads the ball correctly and quickly off the bat, and rarely is betrayed by his footwork, plus his arm is strong and accurate.Toronto doesn’t have as strong an offense and starter David Purcey is off a 3-6 season with a 5.54 ERA last yr. The visitors get the win at a great price. Play the Tigers on Tuesday night.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


Pittsburgh Pirates @ St. Louis Cardinals
PICK: Over 8.5

The line has dropped in the early markets, to the point at which 8’s are becoming available, or at worst 8.5’s or no vig or a plus return. That is a very low bar for this setting, and we will take full advantage.Although it took a big ninth inning from the Pirates to push last night’s game over the Total, when the counting was done the teams combined for 21 hits, eight walks, two batters hit by a pitch, and three errors, with 22 runners being left on base. We can expect more of the same tonight – neither Ian Snell nor Kyle Lohse bring any kind of dominating stuff to the table, and both the bullpens and the defenses rival the worst in the National League.It is the defensive play that is not being factored properly here. The Pirates were 28th in the Major Leagues on our best set of ratings LY, with little reason to expect improvement, and while the Cardinals were actually a little better than average these are much different gloves now. A genuine case could be made that St. Louis currently sports the worst defensive lineup in The Show, especially if Skip Schumacher (six spring training errors) makes his debut at 2B tonight. That is going to cause problems for Lohse, who needs every bit of that defensive support to be successful, since he is not going to throw the ball by many hitters (only 5.35 K’s per 9 LY). And even more problems for Tony LaRussa’s “bullpen by committee”, which already saw Jason Motte implode in last night’s disaster in the 9th.We do not need an offensive explosion here – if each team scratches out four runs it is mission accomplished, and that is not asking for much at all in what should be a sloppy affair.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Jeff Alexander

1 Unit on Philadelphia Phillies -113

Expect the Phillies to bounce back in game 2 of this series tonight and here's the key: Philly is 21-6 against the money line revenging a loss where the team scored 1 run or less over the last 3 seasons, winning by an average score of 6.1 to 3.4 in these spots. In addition, you have to like Moyer on the hill considering he is is 25-8 against the money line against division opponents over the last 3 seasons. Bet the Phillies.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Black Widow

1* 76ers/Bobcats Over 184.5

The Charlotte Bobcats are finally starting to really score the basketball with little problem, something that wasn’t the case in the first half of the season. The Bobcats have scored 92 or more points in 7 straight games now. Their defense has been suspect over their last 3 games against teams not known for scoring the basketball, giving up 111 to Boston, 97 to Miami and 104 to Detroit. Philly had gone 10 straight games scoring 95 or more points before their worst offensive output of the season last time out against New Jersey. But don’t think one bad shooting performance is going to slow this team down. The OVER is 7-1-1 in 76ers last 9 games following a S.U. loss. The OVER is 5-1 in Bobcats last 6 games following a S.U. loss. The OVER is 5-1 in the 76ers’ last 6 road games. Take the OVER 184.5 points here.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


Dallas at Minnesota
Pick: OVER 5 -120

The Wild has become more offensive lately as they have averaged three goals a game over their last six, with 18 put through the net - something it took them none games to achieve previously. Dallas has suddenly produced 17 goals in their last five games - something it took them 10 games to achieve previous to the offensive run. This one is set low, based on what these teams have done on the season, but they are not playing that way now. It is a good spot to catch the oddsmakers sleeping, and make OVER the call in this one.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Jeff Scott Sports


Kansas City +118 over CHISOX

The Royals are 9-2 in Meches last 11 starts with the total set at 7.0-8.5 and 12-3 in their last 15 games vs. a left-handed starter, while the White Sox are 1-7 in their last 8 games with the total set at 7.0-8.5. The Royals are also 21-10, the last 3 years as a road dog of +100 to +125. KC may just be the most improved team in baseball after upping their payroll by 20% over last year and bringing in some solid players like Coco Crisp and Mike Jacobs, plus they bolstrered an already solid bullpen with the signing on Kyle Farnsworth. Today the Royals will send Gil Meche to the mound and he has had some good success vs the White Sox, going 7-3 with a 4.04 ERA in 14 starts vs them, plus Gil would like to get the bad taste of last years 1-4 7.22 ERA he had in the month of April last year. Mark Buehrle has pretty much owned the Royals in the pas, but this is a new Royals team with a better attitude that fnished last year on an 18-8 run in the month of September, which was their best month of baseball since 1994. KC will be in the Mix for the central title this year and what better way to get their quest going than an opening day win over a ChiSox team that has been at or near the top of the Central standing for years now. KC in a mild upset here.


BOSTON -140 over Tampa Bay

Josh Beckett is a solid 31-13 with a 3.67 ERA in day games over his career, plus he is 14-4 with a 3.04 ERA the last 4 years in the month's of March/ April. Josh is also 6-3 with a 3.91 ERA in 10 career starts vs the Rays, including a 5-1 mark with a 4.30 ERA in 7 home starts vs them. James Shields had a fine year last year, but he has not pitched well vs Boston in his career going 2-6 with a 4.80 ERA vs them, including an 0-3 mark with a 10.12 ERA in 3 career starts at Fenway. The Rays shocked the Sox last year, by knocking them out in the ALCS, but Boston is ready for this rematch as they seek revenge for last year. Beckett will shine as Shields will once again struggle in Fenway.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Free Selection from Totals4U
Tuesday's free selection: Knicks/Bulls over 218


Free Selection from Arthur Ralph Sports
240 - 159 run  60 % 

5-1 last 6




Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game: Orlando Magic @ Houston Rockets

Sport: NBA

Time: 7:35PM CST

(663) Orlando Magic (PICK)

This is a nice revenge spot for Orlando who lost at home to the Rockets back in
November. In fact the road team has dominated this series, winning six out of the
last seven meetings straight up. I look for that trend to continue as Orlando cashed
in once again on the road.

2009 Free Selections Record  53-42  (55.8%)


Undefeated's pick of the day now on a 9 wins and 2 losses run.

Today's pick:  New Orleans and Miami OVER the total of 189

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays


Milwaukee (Suppan) +

Milwaukee beat Tim Lincecum last season the only time they faced off against him, scoring five runs in six innings against the eventual Cy Young winner. The Brewers went 6-0 against the Giants last season and although San Francisco played well late in the year, Milwaukee has been a great early season team in recent years. The Brewers won 18 more games than the Giants did last season and as Cliff Lee proved yesterday, last year’s Cy Young award does not mean much on opening day, although it does create a favorable go-against price.San Francisco finished seven games below .500 at home last season while Milwaukee was one of the few teams with a winning road record in the National League. The Brewers lost some pitching but the lineup remains one of the better units in the league and the bullpen should be improved. Jeff Suppan had an up-and-down season last year but he was a great April pitcher last season with four quality starts including a win in his first start of the season. Suppan was sharp this spring with 17 strikeouts and only six walks while posting a very respectable 3.54 ERA.Lincecum had very average numbers this spring and he faces a steeper line that all but a few games all of last season. Last season Lincecum was actually a superior pitcher away from home and the Giants have a lot of question marks with unproven players in several key spots and a suspect bullpen. Lincecum is being turned into a big-name star player but he still plays for a lousy team while the Brewers were a playoff team last year and feature a great lineup that can produce runs in a hurry.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Scott Rickenbach

Portland Trail Blazers (-)

Yes, the Grizzlies have finally been winning some games again but they’ve been helped tremendously by facing a weak schedule. Now they must face a Blazers team that dominated them by 20+ points the last time they saw them which, by the way, was right before the Grizzlies current four game run. As for Portland, they are coming off of a loss at Houston on Sunday that came by a double digit margin. They certainly were not happy with that result and that means a special effort with extra intensity and focus will be brought to the arena in Memphis tonight. For the Grizzlies, that means it’s “reality check” time and they’re quickly returned to their losing ways as they face an opponent that is much tougher than the ones they’ve been facing. Consider a small play on Portland minus the points on Tuesday night.

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Re: Tuesday Service Plays

Vegasflyer sports
Mike Hillin

free play

Boston Redsox-145 look for the Redsox to avenge the series loss last year.

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