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wtf is wrong with u

wtf is wrong with u

It is truly amazing to see America fall apart and NoOne cares. The Media and our so called Leaders just sit back and do NOTHING and point fingers at each other without reporting on the REAL Problems this Country is Facing.

Every Single American should be Outraged at what is happening to them each and everyday. We hear almost daily on how the Federal Government is Bailing out Wall Street at the Tax Payers expense. Meanwhile the Regulators are allowing the Crooks to Pocket Trillions of Dollars by FAILING to Uphold the Laws which are already on the Books.

We have the SEC which turns its head and allows Illegal Naked Short Selling of Stock. They even have a special exception for the Market Makers who sell Puts & Calls to DILUTE the Equity Markets by allowing more COUNTERFEIT Stock to where there are more COUNTERFEIT Stock issued than what has been Authorized. A Company may have 100 Million Shares Authorized, but when you take a closer look at the Naked Short Shares, the Illegal Naked Short Shares & the Put & Call Options outstanding there may very well be 5X+ the amount of stock floating around in the Market place. Chairman Christopher Cox is well aware of the problem but has FAILED to protect the Small Investor and has gone out of his way for YEARS to protect the CROOKS who have been Stealing Trillions of Dollars and replacing the Dollars with IOU's. On July 15th, Chairman Cox put an order out on 19 Financial Companies to Stop Illegal Naked Shorting which is alreadfy Illegal and has been said not to exist. But this time he was serious about halting this Illegal Act on just these 19 Companies. Within 2 weeks these 19 Stocks went up 80%-150% because something that was already Illegal already was actually not allowed for Chairman Cox was serious this time. WHY was this NOT done to ALL stocks that Trade? Why the Media and ALL Americans are NOT outraged by the SEC Failing to Uphold the Laws is AMAZING to me. Everyones 401K has been Depleted Due to the SEC Failing to do their Job.

Chairman Cox of the SEC has allowed many Companies to go Bankrupt or Downsize.
Chairman Cox has caused 100 of 1000's of Americans to lose their Jobs and their Health Insurance Benefits.
Chairman Cox has caused the IRS to lose Billions if not Trillions of Dollars to be collected by the IRS due to his Failures/Crimes.
Chairman Cox has caused more Hardship on American Families because of his Failures/Crimes/Terrorist Acts.

Wall Street and the SEC allows a party to reap financial reward when a Company fails. Shorting the ABX index allows a party to reap a financial reward when asset values of certain financial instruments decline in value. Unlimited shorting of Stocks, without restraint as price declines, magnifies both the speed and the magnitude of the price decline. Purchase of Puts sends a stock price lower as the market makers sell unlimited, unregistered, un-issued shares into the market.
Where the Capital Markets once functioned as a source of financing for new business ventures. Wall Street and the SEC have turned the Capital Markets into an unregualted, rigged casino where gambling and asset destruction are the main attractions. Economic incentives now heavily favor the destruction of investment capital, rather than the creation of additional capital.
There are 3 Oversight Committees who are in place to prevent this from happening.
1) The Committee of Financial Services, Chairperson Congressman Barney Frank. Where has he been?

2) The Senate Banking Committee, Chairpersons Senator Chris Dodd & Dick Shelby. Where have they been?
3) The US Treasury/Secret Service, led by Hank Paulson, he has been giving away Tax Payer Dollars instead of fixing the problem.

Many within this Government has caused more harm to the American People than any Al-Qaeda Group has done in the way of Suffering. And many in this Country will continue to Suffer for YEARS to come for their Crimes/Terrorist Acts for the Crime rate in this Country will SKY-ROCKET for who are the Victims of their Crimes will make us Law biding citzens the Victims of the Victims Crimes for their need to put food on the table.

Bud Burrell has put out a 58 Minute audio titled the "The Greatest Crime in History" , I suggest that everyone who cares what their future holds to listen to it. It should be very easy to find on the Internet.

What we have running for President Today are the very ones that have allowed this Corruption to happen in the 1st place. All the Candidates have failed to touch on what may be the ONLY thing that can actually save this Country. And worse they have the power as being Senators to speak UP NOW even before the Elections.

This Country is as good as Bankrupt NOW! The Debt is now near 11 Trillion Dollars, a signed Budget for this year of 3 Trillion with a 600 Billion defecit NOT counting the cost of the Iraq war. The Bail out of Wall Street and most recently Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac combined 8 Trillion worth of mortgages backed by the Tax Payer now. The FDIC having ONLY 54 Billion in its account to protect depositors, a Washington Mutual collapse/bear raid would cost 2X that alone. Within a year and 600+ banks failing will cost the Tax Payers well over another Trillion Dollars.
I don't know about you? But I am stocking up on Guns, Ammo & Food. For ALL of our so called Leaders have put their People DEAD last. This is a Country where Special Interest and Corruption come first before the People.
And we worry about Al-Qaeda abroad when we as America allow this and do NOTHING!

Or is the REAL Al-Qaeda in Control of America NOW?
May God Help us ALL!

This is ONLY the TIP of the Iceberg on what this Government has been doing to its People.

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Re: wtf is wrong with u

Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 11:49 AM

Subject: Re: Important. Bud Burrell interview on collapse of the US economy

This is a must hear for anyone who wants to understand the mechanics used to
bring America and its people down.  There are many old brokerage houses
mentioned I'd wondered about that the interviewee, Bud Burrell  mentions.
The voracious appetite of that greedy "unassimilable minority" on Wall
street is almost beyond imagination until explained by a legitimate insider
such as this one being interviewed.   

I would take exception to the speaker's misplaced trust in the democracy
scam; he's not knowledgeable in the area of political philosophy, or
monetary philosophy either.  But he sure knows fraud when he sees it.  The
whole area of futures trading, puts and calls, is nothing but fraud, pure
and simple.  Buying and selling non-existing securities can be nothing but
fraud, but unfortunately we have only criminals in positions of making and
enforcing laws under our system of "government by men."   Indeed the whole
money and banking scam is pure fraud at best.  Speculating with one's
national currency should be as treasonous as any other activity giving aid
and comfort to one's nation's enemies.

I'd not view the unbridled dishonesty going on within government as a recent
phenomenon for it has been this way since the 1787 ConJob destroyed states'
rights.  Virtually any office in Washington city is for sale to the highest
bidder.  Virtually every law maker is patently dishonest, as are the
black-robed bench warmers at every level.  I knew a man years ago who was a
field organizer for the RNC.  He'd go into a state lacking sufficient graft
and patronage to keep a party structure in place between national elections.
He did Montana about 1954 or 1956.  The last printed Wyoming state CAFR
indicated that the largest industry in Wyoming today is "Government" so I
expect these biannual ground-up reorganizations are no longer required.
Anyway, when he wasn't doing this he was an unregistered lobbyist back in
Washington city.  He showed me a shoe box half filled with business cards,
one of a kind, with his name and the words "Special Vice-President" which
was his key to any office in town.  Back then there were only 50 or 60
registered lobbyists in town, today 30,000 is conservative.  Plus thousands
more in the state capitols.   

What passes as civilization today has gone from a state of total
responsibility back longer than I could easily explain, to a state of
nearing-total irresponsibility.  We've gone from a oneness at the right end
of the responsibility scale, to a false oneness at the left end of the
scale.  Numerous dichotomies may be superimposed upon the Responsibility to
No-Responsibility scale.  Freedom to Slavery is most obvious.  All of our
allowed political structures would lie closely approaching the Slavery end
of the scale.  We can thank our law makers for this.  They have created
competing irresponsibilities for sale to financial interests in every state.
The most basic wrongness here is the "limited liability" as part of the
corporation law package.  Then of course the non-existent policing of the
activities on Wall street.  The fact that profits from unethical short
trading are also beyond reach of the tax bandits is illuminating.   

This is a must hear

The Greatest Crime in History

Real Player: … 0712-2.ram

WinAmp: … 0712-2.m3u

Windows Media: … 0712-2.asx

Mp3: … 0712-2.mp3

Mr. Bud Burrell has extensive experience working with major brokerage firms
on the trading desk and arbitrage desk with almost 30 years experience --
Industry authority, expert, Wall Street veteran. Love him or hate him, you
will always know where he stands - his no-holds-barred style and frank
honesty make his blogs a must read, from one of the originals. View his
landmark correspondences in The Bud Files
. … efault....

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economy, business, media, elections, justice, charity, etc., and are used to
trick the public into hatred & wars and out of their lives, money and
freedoms, while the propaganda we are subjected to makes us believe that we
have evolved to where such things cannot happen [remember slavery,
apartheid.]. Please share what you learn with others who do not have access
to the internet. This is only a tip of the iceberg. Stop the hatred that is
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Re: wtf is wrong with u

US to take stake in banks, first since Depression

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