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Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

HQ Report Newsletter

5* FLORIDA (-7) over TENNESSEE by 18
3* IOWA STATE (+3) over UNLV



A.T.S. (Angles, Trends & Systems)
*TULSA (-10) over NEW MEXICO

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Pointwise write-ups--college

LOUISVILLE 31 - Kansas State 30 - (8:00 - ESPN2) -- Don't like this one a bit.
The rebuilding Cards are just 7 pts from a 4-18 spread slide, & allowed at least 38
pts 7 times LY. Have turned it over 7 times in 2 games, so Cantwell & Co must
end that tendency. 'Cats have a 114-16 pt edge so far, with similar 471, 481 yds,
but they've allowed 47.5 ppg in their last 4 away games. Just too many negatives.

West Virginia 37 - Colorado 27 - (8:30 - ESPN) -- Just 251 yds for Mounties in
loss to ECaro, along with a 35:91-24:19 time deficit, but White threw for 5 TDs
wk before, so not sold on WV demise (were at 41 ppg previous 32 games). No
rest for Buffs, who have FlaSt, Texas, & Kansas on deck. Came back from 21-17
deficit in 4th vs EWash, & have a decent run "D". Plenty of fireworks. WV vote.

CONNECTICUT 41 - Baylor 14 - (8:00 - ESPN2) -- No questioning improvement
of Bears. Check 426 RYs (10.1 ypr) vs defenseless WashSt, after ranking 113th
in running LY. Check QB Griffin with 346 total yds in that one, & solid run "D" to
date. But Donald Brown (566 RYs, & 8 TDs) is smoking, with QB Lorenzen off a
13-of-15 outing, & UConn has allowed only 98 pts in its last 9 HGs. Lay the wood.

PENN STATE 45 - Temple 10 - (12:00) -- Owls are reeling. From an OT loss to
a "Hail Mary" loss in the last 2 weeks. Ouch! Well aware of the fact that they
are a dream vs the line (+87½ pts last 13 games), & have allowed <17 pts in 4
of last 5 outings. But Lion spread "O" is picture perfect: 166-37 pt edge thus
far, with balanced 879 RYs & 819 PYs. And just 64 RYpg defensively. Romper!

BOSTON COLLEGE 28 - Central Florida 10 - (1:00) -- Realize that the dog is a
solid 33-17 ATS in Eagle games (+56 pts ATS in last 13), but BC is again a
defensive force. Held GaTech option to just 162 RYs (43 of which came on
winning TD, & should bottle up Knights, who just aren't the same without LY's
leading runner, Smith. Just 76 RYs vs SoFla, along with a 504-226 yd deficit.

NORTHWESTERN 27 - Ohio U 26 - (12:00) -- 'Cat "D" is up a few notches from
LY's 84th ranking vs pts, but Syracuse, Duke, & SoIllinois hardly represent
legitimate tests. Remember, they had a 144-yd deficit at Duke. Play their best
at home (6-1 ATS lately), as has OhioU, but OU covered its first 2 roadsters TY
by 10½ & 21½. And check QB Jackson's 365 yds & 3 TDs in LW's tight loss.

CINCINNATI 24 - Miami-Ohio 14 - (7:30) -- Bearcats never far from the spot, as
last 4 have been decided by cumulative 5½ pts ATS. Couldn't stay with Okla
(30 FDs, 592 yds), & now QB Grutza may be lost (ankle). Miami is motoring at
a mighty 82 RYpg, but QB Raudabaugh a good one. We steer clear of this one.

MISSISSIPPI 31 - Vanderbilt 30 - (12:30) -- Reb QB Snead has lived up to the
hype (6 TD throws last 2 games), & OleMiss could easily be unbeaten. Solid
run "D", & on a 5-0 ATS run, by 4, 2, 3½, 8½, & 5 pts. Have Fla up next, but
must contend with solid Vandy squad, which has covered its first 3 games by
49 pts, behind QB Nickson, RB Hawkins, & a super run "D" (<99 ypg). 'Dores.

GEORGIA TECH 20 - Mississippi State 13 - (1:00) -- Let's see. Only 6 FDs, 38
RYs, 78 PYs, & 2 pts for the Bulldogs LW, yet a 9-pt cover. Thus, MissSt has
held 6 of its last 8 foes under 15 pts. But the Jackets still clicking, overland:
278 RYs vs VaTech (QB Nesbitt 151 RYs), altho 3 key TOs killed 'em in that
tight setback. Dog is 13-2-1 in GT games, but MSt is in Arky/LSU sandwich.

BYU 48 - Wyoming 10 - (3:00) -- Coog streak now at 13. What a masterpiece
for Hall, who tied school-record with 7 TDs in 59-0 rout of decent Ucla. He now
has 1,095 PYs. Solid run "D", & have held 8 of last 12 foes <18 pts. 'Boys on
0-10-1 ATS run, averaging just 12 FDpg last 2 tilts. Moore & Crum not enuff.

AUBURN 20 - Lsu 17 - (7:45) -- Defense! Still plenty of kinks in Eagles' spread
"O". Seven TOs last 2 wks, with QB Todd still a work in progress. But that "D"
which has allowed only 84, 37, & 38 RYs, staked 'em to LW's 3-2 escape vs
MissSt. Bengals also seem impenetrable, ceding only 52 & 44 RYs, & visitor is
15-4 ATS in Lsu games, but Bayous are minus 44½ pts ATS in last 12 outings.

Alabama 33 - ARKANSAS 30 - (12:30) -- Yo-yo Tide have 239, 99, & 281 RYs,
with 25-11 edge, 18-11 deficit, & 30-9 edge in FDs to date. Nothing wrong with
'Bama run "D", allowing 43 ypg. The dog is on a 25-12 ATS run in Tide games,
& they have Georgia up next. Arkies scoring, but allowing 37.5 ppg in last 8
lined tilts. Dick & Smith (323 PYs & 157 RYs last game) may keep it in sight.

SO MISSISSIPPI 47 - Marshall 20 - (3:30) -- Eagle RB Fletcher has run wild vs
the Herd (Wise Points), & no reason he can't continue, as SoMiss rolled up 30
FDs, 427 RYs, & 633 TYs in 1st HG (20-pt cover). Marshall is nicely balanced
(RB Marshall: 140 yds LW), but has allowed 38, 47, 35, & 51 pts in last 4 RGs.

Houston 38 - COLORADO STATE 20 - (3:30) -- Coogs nearly crawled out of a
17-pt deficit vs AF, behind Keenum, who has 13 TD passes thus far. Houston
has allowed 379 & 380 RYs last 2 outings, but Rams have run for just 71 & 95
yds this year, barely escaping SacramentoSt. Just 36 pts from 1-25 ATS run.

RUTGERS 41 - Navy 34 - (3:30) -- Middies continue to dominate overland (588
RYs for Smith), but still no "D", allowing an astounding 43.9 ppg in 12 of last
13 outings (Army). Knights have a 117-RY deficit TY, & are 122 pts behind the
spread in 9 of their last 10 regular season games, but that Mid "D" the decider.

NORTH CAROLINA 23 - Virginia Tech 16 - (3:30) -- Obvious that Butch Davis'
squad the more impressive of the 2 so far. Tars in off first road win outside
state of NC since '02, with QB Yates to Tate-Nicks tandem cause for concern.
And can't forget 4 picks vs Rutgers. Hokies have managed only 29 FDs & 490
yds in their 2 lined contests. Dog 13-4 ATS in NC contests. Scores to settle.

PITTSBURGH 20 - Iowa 13 - (12:00) -- Hawkeyes off to 3-0 start, but LW's win
over IowaSt hardly a work of art, with just 11 FDs & 1 "O" TD. Greene has run
for 10.0 & 6.0 ypr past 2 wks, but Iowa averaged only 13.8 ppg on the road LY.
Pitt can't run (240 yds vs Buff & BG), but since "D" dominates it, Panther call.

Wake Forest 24 - FLORIDA STATE 20 - (7:30) -- First line game for 'Noles, who
ranked 36th in our "Polls" column (1 vote for #24, 1 vote for #25). Quite a drop,
but they've allowed >34 pts in 4 of last 5 lined games. So 115-7 pt balanced
start taken with grain of salt. Rested Wake took OleMiss on 41-yd FG in final
0:03. QB Skinner so far: 59-of-79, that run "D" again a force. Dominated LY.

MICHIGAN STATE 34 - Notre Dame 13 - (3:30 - ABC) -- Call this along lines of
year ago, when Hoyer & Ringer had their way with Irish (Wise Points). So note
Ringer in off career-high 282 RYs, with 7 TDs for the season. NoDame got the
win vs Michigan, but 6 Wolve TOs were key. Not much doing, overland (3.2
ypr this yr), with Clausen's 4 INTs nearly offsetting his 5 TDs. Methodical win.

OREGON 42 - Boise State 20 - (3:30) -- Unbeaten Ducks at 323 RYpg, having
piled up 1,687 yds in their 3 outings. Averaging 42.6 ppg in 15 of their last 16
games. Check 26 FDs, 503 yds in OT win at Purdue. But may have lost QB
Roper (ankle). Just 16 FDs & 340 yds for Broncos vs WMich, despite Johnson's
7.5 ypr. Averaging 43 ppg last 12 games, but the Ducks are "money" at home.

AIR FORCE 34 - Utah 33 - (4:00) -- Utes have a 100-31 pt edge last 2 wks, &
have allowed only 11, 15, & 8 FDs. Epitome of balance: 458 RYs, 428 PYs last
2, behind QB Johnson's leadership (missed LY's match). And check a 64
RYpg "D". Will need it, as they run smack into Falcon running machine (1,074
yds so far). AF 5-0 ATS home LY by 52 pts, & on a 9-1 spread run. Barnburner!

TULSA 51 - New Mexico 34 - (7:00) -- Love 'Cane "O" (45 & 51 pts, along with
601 & 555 yds): QB Johnson 9 TDs, 750 PYs, but check allowing 864 yds to
the likes of UAB & NoTex. Lobos' Ferguson has run for 135 & 158 yds last 2
wks, & visitor is 28-15 in NMex tilts, but note 37-0, 28-10 losses in last 2 RGs.

INDIANA 31- Ball State 30 - (7:00) -- This could be a classic. Cards off to 3-0
start, with finely balanced attack, behind RB Lewis & QB Davis, who has 9 TD
passes so far, & who blitzed Indy LY (Wise Points). Ditto Indy, with RB Thigpen,
& QB Lewis, who also had his way in their '07 meeting. Should go to the wire.

PURDUE 49 - Central Michigan 30 - (12:00) -- Boilers caught in Oregon/NoDame
sandwich here, but no looking past Chips who nailed 'em for 48 pts in '07 bowl
meeting. OT loss to Ducks hurt, but balanced attack behind Painter & Sheets
(180 RYs vs OU) should move it vs a Central team which has allowed 52, 45,
70, 51, & 56 pts in last 5 non-MAC RGs. LeFevour a prize, but no rushing "O".

Akron 38 - ARMY 17 - (1:00 - ESPNC) -- Have to go back to '06 season to find
last time Zips were a RF (35-20 loss to Toledo). Their "D" is scary, & check QB
Jacquemain's 4 INTs in loss to BallSt. But Cadets allowing 39.3 ppg in last 7
outings, losing 6 of those 7 by 166 pts. A 63-17 deficit to NewHamp & Temple.

MARYLAND 40 - Eastern Michigan 17 - (1:00) -- Well, Terps got off 14-pt schneid
in shocker vs Cal, holding the Bears (391 RYs previous wk), to just 38 RYs.
Are in Cal/Clemson sandwich, but Eagles have been blasted for 52, 39, 45, 42,
& 41 pts in last 5 lined games. Trailed Toledo 41-7 in 3rd LW. More of same.

Miami-Florida 17 - TEXAS A&M 16 - (7:00) -- Both had LW off. Ags still can't
run: 255-133 & 216-92 deficits thus far. Their win over NewMex was a direct
result of 4 takeaways. The host is 24-16 ATS in A&M games but note losing
their last HG by 22 pts ATS. 'Cane overland game was also exposed (1.6 ypr
vs Florida), altho solid run "D". But averaging just 7.8 ppg in last 4 lined tilts.

East Carolina 30 - NORTH CAROLINA STATE 10 - (7:00) -- Only TD scored by
Wolfpack in 1-pt cover vs Clemson came on an INT return on game's first play.
Ouch! So 3 pts over the final 59:53. Check a 136-27 pt deficit thus far. Evans
lit it up vs Pirates LY, but can't see repeat. ECU needed 24-yd Pinkney TD
pass (26-of-83 this yr) in final 1:41 to beat Tulane, so no looking past anyone.

MISSOURI 63 - Buffalo 13 - (2:00) -- Loved 26-pt cover with the irrepressible
Tigers, who've averaged 42.5 ppg over last 17 outings. Daniel: another 4 TD
passes in rout of Nevada. Check 549, 592, & 651 yds this yr. Upticking Bulls
beat Temple on a 35-yd Willy "Hail Mary" pass. He was 29-of-41, & has now
thrown for 8 TDs. Impressive, but not about to buck 14-3 spread run of Tigers!

Fresno State 38 - TOLEDO 20 - (8:10) -- Bulldogs let us down by a pt in tight
loss to Wisconsin, missing 3 FGs. Outstatted Badgers, & covered previous 2
games by 36 pts. Rockets: 3 TD passes from Opelt, & 168 RYs from Collins in
rout of EMich. But note 21 pts off TOs. Despite Ucla on deck for the Bulldogs.

TEXAS 55 - Rice 17 - (7:00) -- Check our Wise Points. Right, total Steer series
domination. No reason not to continue, as the 'Horns have scored 59, 52, 52,
& 42 pts in their last 4 SU wins, & McCoy has opened the year with a 44-of-58
showing. Just 122 RYs vs Utep may be cause for concern, but Owls allowing
42.2 ppg in last 14 lined affairs. Despite talents of Clement, Dillard, & Casey.

UTAH STATE 37 - Idaho 30 - (4:00) -- Chance for Ags to take out frustrations, as
they've suffered thru 66-24 & 58-10 losses the past 2 wks. Are now on a 2-19
SU slide. Vandals match it with 1-12 SU run, altho they did total 455 yds in loss
to WMich, with Enderle to Williams good for 191 yds. We don't get near this.

Tcu 51 - SMU 14 - (8:00) -- Jones finding going a bit rougher than at Hawaii. His
minions snuck under 36½ pt spot with only score vs TxTech coming in final
3:29. Mitchell: 5 INTs. Ponies have now allowed 43.4 ppg in last 9 lined games.
Total Frog domination vs Stanford LW, despite narrow cover. Tcu has a 73-29
FD edge thus far, allowing only 56, 3, & 71 RYs. Even with Oklahoma up next.

Florida 24 - TENNESSEE 22 - (3:30 - CBS) -- Nice bouncebacker for Vols in
rout of Uab, following Ucla loss. Perfect balance (443 RYs, 471 PYs) behind
QB Crompton & RB Foster. And check allowing only 68.5 RYpg. Dog was a
brilliant 43-20 ATS in Gator games, but worm has turned, with chalk 6-0 in last
6 regular season affairs. Just 17 FDs & 89 RYs vs Miami. Classic SEC war!

Georgia 31 - ARIZONA STATE 20 - (8:00 - ABC) -- First of 4 killers for Devils,
who are in off blowing 20-10 lead in 4th vs Unlv, as 24-pt chalks. Carpenter
has thrown for 975 yds for State, but virtually non-existent overland game. The
'Dawgs managed but a single offensive TD in SCaro escape, with a pair of key
takeaways, & a 1.1 ypr "D" vs 'Cocks. Simply a matter of backing better team.

Iowa State 27 - UNLV 17 - (9:00) -- Rebels sky-high off tying ArizSt in final 0:18,
& winning in OT as 24-pt dogs, so run smack into the "Blind Hog" theory. The
fact of the matter is that Vegas' bell has been rung for 32.7 ppg over its last 24
contests. Cyclones couldn't do much vs Iowa "D", but are on a 6-1 spread run,
covering those 6 by 80 pts. Rely mainly on QB Arnaud, but 3 INTs LW. Cycs.

STANFORD 30 - San Jose State 20 - (9:00) -- Loved Spartan rout of SDiegoSt
(19-pt cover), as Reed hit his first 12 passes, while tossing 3 TDs. Allowed no
offensive TDs, & rolled up a 293-6 RY edge. But SJSt has a 270-82 pt deficit
on the road since LY, & can't ignore series history (Wise Points) which is just
overwhelmingly in Cardinal column, & Stanford did cover its first HG by 10½.

UTEP 38 - New Mexico State 23 - (9:00) -- Well, Miners have allowed 42 & 42
pts so far, as well as 43.5 ppg in their last 11 games. But outstatted Texas (122
RYs "D"). Ags in off allowing 330 RYs to Nebraska's previously 119 RYpg "O".
Holbrook has tossed for >1,000 yds last 2 in series, & he will need it all in this.

UCLA 31 - Arizona 22 - (3:00) -- Bounceback time for 1 of these 2, who were
both humiliated LW. Check just 29 & 9 RYs for the Bruins so far (0.8 ypr), with
QB Craft shouldering the load. 'Cats turned it over 5 times at NewMex, with a
221-67 RY deficit. The host team is on a 24-8 spread run in Uclan games, as
well as scoring 31.3 ppg in last 35 games. 'Cat "D": 32.2 ppg "D" last 6 RGs.

OHIO STATE 37 - Troy 20 ARKANSAS ST 42 - Middle Tenn St 30
TULANE 28 - La-Monroe 13 Florida Atlantic 27 - MINNESOTA 26
So Florida 45 - FLA INTERN'L 12 Kent State 20 - LA-LAFAYETTE 16

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Pointwise NFL

MINNESOTA 23 - Carolina 22 - (1:00) -- Vikes must be in shock, letting a 15-0
lead over the Colts completely melt in the final 16½ minutes, losing in the last
0:03. Have run for 187 & 180 so far, with Peterson at 263 RYs, but just 1 TD
pass from Jackson. Panthers true heartstoppers thus far, taking SanDiego on
final play, & overcoming a 17-3 deficit vs Chicago, despite only 12 FDs & 216
yds. They covered their first RG by 10½, & the dog is 54-28 ATS when they
take the field. Not only that, but Carolina is 14-6 ATS as a Sept dog, & 22-12
ATS away vs <.500 opponents. Minny 1-7 ATS as fav vs foes off SU/ATS win.

SEATTLE 33 - St Louis 13 - (4:05) -- Well, we went with the Seahawks to come
storming back with a blowout win vs the Niners LW, & it not only didn't pan out,
but an outright loss to boot. Hasselbeck is now just 35-of-76 with just a single
TD, & 3 picks. And check 5 Seattle TOs to date, altho Jones did motor for 127
yds vs SF. But if Holmgren's troops are to shake the cobwebs, there is no
better spot, as the Rams are the pits. Check a 79-16 pt deficit, a 53-21 FD
deficit, a 967-367 yd deficit, along with a 3-14 ATS run. Rams are 9-17 ATS in
division play, while Seattle is 11-0 ATS in Sept vs a foe off a pair of SU losses.

Detroit 27 - SAN FRANCISCO 26 - (4:05) -- We don't get near this one, despite
the Niners breaking out of their doldrums, with LW's OT upset of the Seahawks.
Just 11 ppg in 12 of previous 14 outings for SanFran, before those 33 posted in
Seattle. Still on a 4-12 SU slide, with 2 of the 4 wins coming in OT. The Lions
are just as inept, allowing an amazing 36.8 ppg in their last 8 outings, & have a
nice 441-111 RY deficit, as well as a 1-9 SU run. Detroit is 14-1 ATS off a pair
of DD SU/ATS losses, while the Niners are 5-11 ATS off a pulling a SU upset.

DENVER 34 - New Orleans 24 - (4:05) -- Broncos stole one from us LW with
controversial win over the Chargers. Led 21-3, trailed 38-31, & won 39-38 in
the final 0:24, with TD & successful 2-pt try. Cutler has 6 TD passes already,
& the Broncos have a 58-35 FD advantage (34 vs the Chargers). Note the
host covering 8 of Denver's last 9 games. The Saints came from a 438-352 yd
edge, to a 455-250 deficit, & throw in a 295-156 RY deficit for the season. And
they lost 4 of their last 5 dog roles by 10, 25, 31, & 13 pts. Broncs keep it up.

PHILADELPHIA 23 - Pittsburgh 19 - (4:15) -- It didn't take the Steelers long to
come from impressive home wipeout of the Texans, to a squeaking road win
over the Browns, despite another 105 RYs from Parker (243 TY), & a 12-of-19
showing from Roethlisberger (25-of-33 TY). That one pushed the home edge
in Pittsburgh games to 13-5 ATS. Just the opposite with the Eagles, as the
host is just 2-10 ATS of late, but they covered their home opener by 25 pts. Pitt
is 15-3 ATS before a Monday Nighter, but Tomlin is 0-6 ATS away off a SU win.

INDIANAPOLIS 17 - Jacksonville 16 - (4:15) -- Colts avoided their first 0-2 start
in a decade with comeback win over the Vikings. Trailed 15-0 with 1:30 left in
the 3rd, winning 18-15. Still no running game for Indy, which has RY deficits of
183-53 & 180-25 thus far. That's 363-78, folks. Jags obviously not the same
with hurting offensive line, but they did come from a 137-33 RY deficit vs the
Titans, to a slight 98-75 edge vs the Bills. Garrard: 9 sacks already, with his 3
INTs matching his output for the entire '07 season. Jags 11-3 ATS on division
road, while Colts are only 15-23 ATS as Sept hosts, & 13-26 as division HFs.

Cleveland 20 - BALTIMORE 16 - (4:15) -- Browns are still winless, despite high
pre-season expectations. They improved dramatically, defensively, in tight loss
to the Steelers, on the heels of Cowboy embarrassment, in which they were on
the wrong end of 30-11 FD & 488-205 yd differentials. But still not clicking as
they did LY. So note just 8, 14, 20, 10, & 6 pts in their last 5 games (11.6 ppg).
Colts' impressive opening week rout of the Bengals has lost a bit of luster in
light of Cincy's obvious decline. And Baltimore is still on a 4-13-1 ATS slide.
Browns 5-0 ATS in series, & an 18-9 Sept dog. We'll call the mild upset here.

Dallas 33 - GREEN BAY 24 - (8:15 - NBC) -- Packers just keep on doing it, &
now have won 20-of-24 SU, prevailing LW, with no less than 3 TDs in the final
3:34 at Detroit (a pair of TDs on INTs thrown by Lions' Kitna). Rodgers has
filled in for Favre, more than adequately, as he is 18-of-22 & 24-of-38 with 4 TD
passes, & nary a pick. Check 3 TD tosses in the first 23 minutes vs Detroit.
The 'Boys are in off their Monday Nighter with the Eagles, but their opening
week destruction of the Browns serves fair warning as to their dedication off
LY's playoff flop. Dallas is 27-12 as a RF of <7½ pts, & 7-2 ATS vs GreenBay.

SAN DIEGO 31 - New York Jets 13 - (8:35 - ESPN) -- Rematch of '04 Wild Card
meeting. Not many would have imagined the Chargers getting off to an 0-2 start
(SU & ATS), but that's the case, with a pair of incredible losses (on final play, & in
last 0:24) their bane. Nothing wrong with that "O", behind 6 TD passes from
Rivers (377 PYs LW), & Sproles looking super (66-yd TD run, 103-yd KO return
LW). Chance to bust out before the nation, & should do it. Are 12-4 ATS off a SU
loss, 13-6 ATS as a HF, & 13-6 as Monday hosts. Jets are 5-12 ATS on the nondivision
road, & 1-7 ATS in Sept off being upset. Chargers, with plenty to spare.

ATLANTA 24 - Kansas City 16 - (1:00) -- A pair of teams in division sandwiches
here, but circumstances hardly bring that into play. A major drop in Falc output
in just a week, with Ryan going from 9-of-13 to 13-of-33 with 2 INTs in loss to
the Bucs. And check Turner from 220 RYs to just 42. But they did cover their
1st HG by 16 pts. Chiefs: Thigpen for Huard (head) for Croyle (shoulder), but
it makes little difference (13-of-33). And Johnson in off 1.8 ypr effort. Now
eleven straight losses. KC is 5-14 ATS on the NFL road, but 6-0 ATS on the
Sept road off loss vs foe off loss. Visitor 10-2 ATS in Chief contests. Forget it.

BUFFALO 31 - Oakland 17 - (1:00) -- Was it really 18 years ago, when these 2
met for the AFC title? Raiders seem to have gotten what they expected when
they drafted McFadden. Ran for 164 yds (7.8 ypr) at KC, in leading Oakland to
300-55 RY edge. And check 150 RYs in opener (41-14 loss to Denver). So
that Bill "D" can't look past this squad. Buffalo is on a 17-8 spread run, covering
their 1st HG by 21½ pts (Seattle), & sits atop the AFC East, along with the
Patriots. Just 3.8 ypr for Lynch at J'Ville, but QB Edwards a splendid 20-of-25
(39-of-55 for the season). Bills 6-1 ATS favs off a SU win over non-division foe.

TENNESSEE 26 - Houston 13 - (1:00) -- First of 3 division games for the Texans,
who had LW's game with the Ravens postponed. Didn't do much in opening
day slaughter at Pittsburgh, with a 183-75 RY deficit. Thus, Houston now has
a 31-17 ppg deficit in its last 8 RGs. The Titans continue to impress, no matter
the QB, as Collins was an efficient 14-of-21 (1 TD, no INTs), as he filled in for
Young LW. As we've stated many times, Tennessee is a streak team, & is just
15 pts from a 3-13 ATS slide, but 2-0 ATS this yr, with covers of 10 & 18 pts.
Houston is 1-5 ATS on the division road, & 0-4 vs the Titans. Good enuff for us.

NEW YORK GIANTS 31 - Cincinnati 13 - (1:00) -- Hardly seems the spread can
be too high here, as NY is off to a superb start, posting a combined 50-24 FD
edge in its routs of 'Skins & Rams. Now on an 8-0 ATS run. Eli LW: 20-of-29
for 260 yds & 3 TDs. And check Jacobs' 209 RYs to date. Bengals falling
apart. A 406-153 RY deficit, with Palmer just 26-of-52 for only 223 PYs in 2
games, leading Cincy to a total of 17 pts, along with 19 FDs. Now less than 20
pts in 6 of last 7 outings. Ugh! The dog is on 9-2 ATS run in Bengal games (all
upsets). But not here. NY is 10-0 ATS home off a DD cover & scoring 35+ pts.

WASHINGTON 24 - Arizona 23 - (1:00) -- 'Skins got their act together, following
opening week smothering by the Giants. Came from 11 FDs & 209 yds vs NY,
to 25 FDs & 455 yds vs the Saints. And check overcoming a 24-15 deficit after
3 (2 TDs in 2:21 span of 4th). Campbell: 24-of-36 for 321 yds, with Portis &
Moss contributing. But the Rams got another 3 TDs from Warner (all to Boldin),
who is now 38-of-54 for 361 yds & 4 TDs (no INTs). 'Zona on an 18-8 ATS run,
at 32.1 ppg in its last 10 outings, & check its 445-236 yd edge vs the Dolphins.
'Skins just 5-14 ATS HFs, & 8-16 ATS in the 2nd of 2 HGs. We'll take the FG.

NEW ENGLAND 27 - Miami 9 - (1:00) -- A year ago, the Pats were a pure terror,
yet won by just 28-7 here vs the lowly Fish. So, we'll call this somewhere near
that final, as NewEngland is on a mission, with its superior "D" winning the day
so far, allowing only 14 & 12 FDs to the Jets & Chiefs, so why not continue vs
the Dolphs, who've dropped 20-of-21 SU? Cassel is a very decent 29-of-41 in
filling in for Brady thus far (1/0), but Maroney is ailing a bit (shoulder). Miami is
pitiful, with just 60.5 RYpg, & now Henne for Pennington. Pats 16-2 ATS off a
SU win vs division foe off back-to-back losses. Dolphs 3-12 ATS division RDs.

CHICAGO 19 - Tampa Bay 13 - (1:00) -- First HG for the Bears, who've been a
pleasant surprise in the early going, despite blowing a 17-3 lead to the Panthers
LW. Routed the Colts on opening week, behind Forte (215 RYs so far), & QB
Orton, who has yet to toss an INT. Chicago is 4-0-1 ATS lately, with those 4
covers by a combined 74½ pts. Griese for Garcia in Tampa's win over the
Falcons, & check Graham with 207 RYs thus far (8.3 ypr). But the Bay lost its
last 3 RGs by a combined 25½ pts ATS, & is an anemic 3-20 ATS on the nondivision
road, while Chicago is 18-9 ATS as a non-division HF. We lay the FG.

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Thanks for posting these guys!

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

BAGIANT wrote:

Thanks for posting these guys!

Your welcome  8)

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Football Cheat Sheet
by: Marc Lawrence

Week Four of the 2008 College Football season finds no less than seven undefeated teams that were losing teams last year.  Headlining the list at 3-0 are Minnesota, Nebraska and Vanderbilt.  Will all three continue their forward move and secure a bowl bid by season’s end, or is it just a mirage?

On the NFL front Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina and Denver represent four losing teams last year that are spotless this season.  Can they maintain their flawless play or will the law of averages come calling sooner than later?

With 5 of the Top 10 ranked teams in the nation residing in the SEC, let’s focus in on that conference in preview the top games on tap on this week’s college and pro football cards.  Remember, Series History reflects results in head-to-head battles between the two teams.  All results are ATS (Against The Spread) unless noted otherwise.


LSU at Auburn
Series History:  LSU beat Auburn, 28-25, on a 22-yard TD pass with one second remaining last year.  Auburn Tigers have covered the three meetings against the LSU Tigers.

LSU Key Stat:  Bengals are 2-9 vs SEC foes with revenge.

Auburn Key Stat:  Tigers’ opponents have converted 3 third down tries in 46 attempts this season.

You Need To Know:  Tuberville is 14-6 SU and 16-4 ATS as a head coach against undefeated SEC teams.

Florida at Tennessee

Series History:  Gators gouged the Vols, 59-20 last year.  Florida is 3-1 the last four games overall in the series and 3-1 the last four games in Knoxville.

Florida Key Stat:  Gators are 1-11 as SEC road favorites off a win.

Tennessee Key Stat:  Vols are 8-2-1 as SEC home dogs when playing off a win.

You Need To Know:  Vols head coach Phil Fulmer is 12-25-1 when hosting a winning SEC opponent; 8-22 as a favorite and 4-3-1 as a dog.

Georgia at Arizona State

Series History:  None between these two teams.  Since 1980 the Bulldogs are 3-0-1 SU and 2-2 ATS versus the PAC 10.  The Sun Devils are 0-1 SU and ATS versus the SEC.

Georgia Key Stat:  Mark Richt is 32-2 SU versus non-conference teams, including 27-0 in regular season games.

Arizona State Key Stat:  Overtime losers their previous game are just 24-41-3 ATS when taking on an opponent off a win.

You Need To Know:  Preseason No.1 ranked teams are 26-2 SU and 18-9 ATS in Game Four of the season.


Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

Series History:  Eagles are 4-2 SU while the series host is 5-1 ATS.  Steelers beat the Eagles, 16-10, in the preseason earlier this year.

Steelers Key Stat:  0-7 as dogs in September off a win versus a .500 or greater opponent.

Eagles Key Stat:  Andy Reid is 8-2 in games after allowing more than 32 points, including 5-1 at home.

You Need To Know:  Mike Tomlin is 0-6 away in games off a SU win.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

Series History:  Jax lost both game to the Colts last season but are 5-2 the last seven meetings, including 3-1 in its last four in Indy.

Jaguars Key Stat:  Jags are 0-2 SU, and ITS (In The Stats) this season.

Colts Key Stat:  Indianapolis is 22-1 SU during the first two months of the season.

You Need To Know:  Jack Del Rio is 11-2 as a road dog when seeking revenge in his NFL career.

Dallas at Green Bay

Series History:  Cowboys beat Packers, 37-27, at home last season.  The home team is 9-0 SU and ATS the last nine meetings in this series.

Cowboys Key Stat:  Dallas is 1-13 ATS in games when they are undefeated and playing off back-to-back wins against an avenging opponent.

Packers Key Stat:  Green Bay has won six straight regular season home games.

You Need To Know:  Wade Phillips is 1-5 SU and 0-6 ATS on the road off back-to-back wins when facing a foe off a SU and ATS win in his NFL head coaching career.

Other Top Trends for this weekend:  Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino is 24-1 SU at home in his college head coaching career…North Carolina and Notre Dame are 2-0 SU but 0-2 ITS (In The Stats) this season... Utah is 17-2 ATS in games after Utah State…  The Seattle Seahawks are 11-0 ATS in September versus an opponent off back-to-back losses… The Detroit Lions are 15-2 ATS as dogs of 3 or more points when playing off successive losses of 8 or more points.

This Week’s Super System Says: PLAY ON any college road team in Game Four off their 1st loss of the season if they allowed 36 or more points in the defeat and allow 25 or less points per game on the season.
ATS W-L Record Since 1980: 24-5-1
Play On: Arizona

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

North Coast Sports

Early Bird GOW...BYU -26

4* Power Plays GOW...North Carolina

Comp Under Dog Pow...Kent State

# 2 Economy Club Play...Rutgers -6....(Last Week...Duke)

Big Dog Pow....Last Week....New Mexico

This Week...New Mexico +10'

PAC 10 Pow....UCLA +3

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22


4* San Francisco 31 over Detroit 20
3* Atlanta 20 over Kansas City 10
2* Miami 13 (+) over Patriots 20
2* Cleveland 14 over Baltimore 10

3* Texans/Titans Under 37'
3* Steelers/Eagles Over 43*
3* Lions/49ers Over 44
2* Browns/Ravens Under 38*
2* Cardinals/Redskins Over 42

Pro Angles: 3* Buffalo, Arizona, Carolina,
System: Tennessee

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Statfox Platinum Sheet


KC +4
AZ +3
Carolina +3
Stl +10.5
Denver -4.5

The Chiefs look pretty bad this season, don’t they? Only 18 points in two games? A loss at home to the lowly Raiders? Well, there’s no proof at this point that Atlanta is any better. After all, the Falcons “big” win in Week 1 came against a franchise that has lost nine of its L10 games. I’ve seen this type of situation far too many times, where the so called experts will denounce a team only to see them come back with an unexpected strong effort. That is what I’m looking for in Week 3 from Kansas City, and I’m going to take the points to prove it. HC Herm Edwards’ team is backed by one of the better Super Situations that StatFox tracks. It is very successful and very consistent. It reads as follows: Play On - Road teams (KANSAS CITY) - off an upset loss by 10 points or more as a favorite against opponent off a road loss. (27-6 over the last 5 seasons.) (81.8%, +20.4 units. Rating = 3*). This angle is also 17-4 over the last 2+ seasons. When everything seems to be going against a team, I’ve learned that’s when they most often cover.Play: Kansas City +4

You’ll see from my article on Page 7 regarding unbeaten teams in Week 3 that road teams that are 2-0 and scoring over 25 PPG cover the spread at an 11-6 clip. Arizona fits into that angle this week as the Cardinals have put up 27.0 PPG in the first two wins. They are averaging a scintillating 9.6 yards per pass attempt and Kurt Warner has looked incredibly confident under center. Here they are the underdog at a Washington team that was being scorned for its lack of offense in Week 1. I’ll rarely pass up a chance to take a better offensive team as the underdog.Arizona will be looking for its 7th straight September ATS win in this game. Washington meanwhile, is known for its slow starts, particularly at home (8-21 ATS in home September games). I tend to only take underdogs that I believe can win games outright in the NFL. I’ll take emerging Arizona here.Play: Arizona +3

In another one of the unique angles that a road unbeaten team qualifiesfor in the article on Page 7, Carolina is backed going to Minnesota. The angle indicates that road teams that are 2-0 and allowing more than 15.0 PPG are 14-7 ATS in Week 3. Why might this be? My educated guess is that the oddsmaker jury is still out on this team, since their early stats aren’t that eye catching. This is particularly the case with a team like Carolina, who needed 4th quarter comebacks in both of the first two games to win.However, I know how much confidence means in the NFL, and wins like that bolster momentum early in the season. Speaking of momentum and confidence, a team with NONE at this point is Minnesota. After being everyone’s preseason darling, the Vikings have opened with back-to-back losses, the latest one a painful 18-15 loss to the Colts in which they failed to reach the end zone and gave up a 15-0 lead. Still, they are favored over a 2-0 team. Carolina has always been one of the best road dogs in football (20-5 ATS under Fox), I’ll take my chances with the Panthers again here.Play: Carolina +3

I’m dumbfounded why those making the pointspreads for the NFL still continue to treat Seattle as one of the elite teams in the league. This team has been AWFUL on defense. In fact, the Seahawks have allowed 33.4 PPG in their last five overall, dating back to last season. The last time I checked, teams that allow this many points aren’t worthy of double-digit pointspreads. This line is purely a matter of perception. EVERYONE is down on the Rams at this point, and for good reason,they are struggling on both sides of the ball.However, in games 1 & 2, they played solid clubs, two of the best in the NFC in fact. It is Seattle’s defense that gives them a chance to rebound: Play Against - Home favorites (SEATTLE) - after allowing 7 or more passing yards/attempt in 2 straight games against opponent after gaining 4.5 or less passing yards/attempt in last game. (51-22 since 1983.) (69.9%, +26.8 units. Rating = 2*). Don’t be surprised to see St. Louis look much better offensively this week, and put the Rams’ starters in your fantasy football lineup while you’re at it.Play: St Louis +10.5

Turning back to the article on Page 7, the final system for this week,indicating to play on home teams averaging more than 33 PPG thus far, backs both Denver and Green Bay. Unfortunately, the line for the Packers indicating Cowboys game was not out as of presstime, but surely as the likely underdog, host Green Bay has to be considered. In any case, Denver was underdog, still available for me as a Best Bet. Quite frankly, New Orleans is being given far too much credit on this line. The Saints’ defense, which has allowed 28.8 PPG in its L5 and at least 20 points in each game of that stretch,cannot possibly hope to contain Denver’s red-hot offense. QB Jay Cutler is off to a phenomenal start, and riding the momentum of a gift-wrapped but huge victory over San Diego. Mile High is an intimidating place to play for unfamiliar opponents, especially when the hosts are playing well.Play: Denver -4.5

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Statfox Platinum Sheet


LSU -3
Pitt -1
Oregon -12
Tex A&M +3.5
Tenn +7

The line for the Auburn-LSU game started as a pick em’ and quickly shot up to LSU by a field goal, with sharp players obviously realizing the early mistake. Auburn won a game 3-2 last week against Mississippi State, and if you did miss it, the game was as awful as the final score indicates. The Tigers may have won, but I can’t see anything that happened to make me believe that they are ready for LSU this week, even on the home turf. Typically, this is a tight game, year in and year out, and it probably will be again this year. However, LSU is far more balanced than Auburn and has more playmakers on offense. Backed by this fabulous money line Super Situation, I’ll play LSU: Play On - A road team vs. the money line (LSU) - after 2 straight wins by 17 or more points against opponent after scoring 14 points or less last game. (28-3 over the last 5 seasons.) (90.3%, +31 units. Rating = 7*) Play: LSU -3

Iowa has put up good numbers in the early going while getting off to a 3-0 start. So far the Hawkeyes are outscoring opponents by a 35.0-2.7 average margin.However, this is typical for them as they tend to start the season fast against weak foes at home then stumble later on versus stronger opponents and on the road. This trend illustrates that: Ferentz is 0-6 ATS (-6.6 Units) in road games after allowing 6 points or less last game as the coach of IOWA. The average score was IOWA 9.7, OPPONENT 25.2 - (Rating = 1*). In those road games, they are being outscored by over 15 PPG. This week’s game at Pittsburgh will easily be their toughest test to date. While off to a somewhat slow start, the Panthers boast high hopes for ’08 as well as one of the best running backs in the country in LeSean McCoy. Iowa will have its hands full. I’ll back the hosts.Play: Pittsburgh -1

Despite putting up 503 yards of offense last week, Oregon was fortunate to escape Purdue with its unblemished record in place.Anyone who read the Best Bets column was prepared for the Boilermakers to put up a fight though. The reaction to that game and the lack of early explosiveness from Boise State is what has me back on the Ducks this time around. First off, when Oregon’s offense gets rolling, it is difficult to beat: Bellotti is 30-15 ATS (+13.5 Units) after gaining 475 or more total yards in their previous game as the coach of OREGON. Secondly, this line sets up well for the Ducks: Bellotti is 25-12 ATS (+11.8 Units) as a favorite of 10.5 to 21 points as the coach of OREGON. The Broncos didn’t look like their normal selves last week at home against Bowling Green and if not for three key turnovers, the Falcons might have walked off the blue turf with a win. I expect Oregon to parlay the momentum of the OT win at Purdue with another strong effort.Play: Oregon -12

Despite the fact that Miami had its way with Texas A&M last yearat the Orange Bowl, there are two nice StatFox Super Situations that have me backing HC Mike Sherman’s team here as the home underdog: 1) Play On - Home underdogs (TEXAS A&M) - poor rushing team (100-140 RY/game) against a team with an excellent rushing defense (<=100 RY/game). (43-16 over the last 5 seasons.) (72.9%, +25.4 units. Rating = 3*). This is kind of a contrarian angle in concept, and the interesting thing about it is that A&M should be a better rushing team than it has been. 2) Play On - Home underdogs (TEXAS A&M) - off a road win, in the first half of the season. (50-20 over the last 5 seasons.) (71.4%, +28 units. Rating = 3*). A&M’s win at New Mexico was huge for no other reason than to get off the mat. Miami gained 140 yards of offense at Florida and is simply not ready at thispoint to be a road favorite in one of the toughest enviroments in college football,Kyle Field.Play: Texas A&M +3.5

My esteemed colleague (and brother) Jeff alerted me a couple of weeks ago that home underdogs that go onto win six or more games in a season cover pointspreads at a rate of 64%. That would mean that home dogs that win five or fewer games are less than a 40% proposition. If you think about that conceptually, it basically means to never play home dogs that you don’t think are capable of being in a bowl game at the end of the season. If you stick to this,you’ll only find yourself on the side of competent home dogs, not mutts who are much more likely to get blown out as hosts. Well,you have to figure that Tennessee is going to be a bowl eligible club. Right off the bat that gives us a nearly 2/3 chance of covering the touchdown pointspread here. Add to that the motivation from a 59-20 shellacking by Florida a year ago, and this trend: 1) Meyer is 0-6 ATS (-6.6 Units) in road games off 2 consecutive home wins as the coach of FLORIDA. This might be the toughest game on Florida’s schedule this year. Don’t expect an easy win.Play: Tennessee +7

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22



Selection and Analysis by Kevin O’Neill

@Auburn (+3) over LSU

It was one ugly game in Starkville Saturday night. Auburn escaped with a 3-2 win (really, it was 3-2). Auburn’s defense was tremendous, but obviously they struggled against Mississippi State’s stout defense. The Tigers gained only 315 yards, missed a pair of field goals, and blew two opportunities in the red zone. It was just one of those nights, and Auburn fans are surely lighting up the talk shows and message boards with vitriol toward new offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. But the Tigers will learn a lot from that contest and move forward. Auburn will not be the only team to play a lowscoring brutal war with Mississippi State this season, and MSU’s stop unit will be one of the better defenses in college football. It was just one of those games, and they got out of their alive. Franklin indicated on Sunday that he would rely more on his instinct in his play calling and will refer less to a prepared script. Look for more of a contribution from backup QB Kodi Burns and more time on the field (and potential home run calls) for WR Terrell Zachery as the Tigers open things up a little bit. LSU has scored only 7, 9, and 3 points on their last three visits here. And they really haven’t even started playing yet this season. A home postponement against Troy sandwiched between home “friendlies” against Appalachian State and North Texas is all that LSU has been involved in this season. Of course, they are the defending national champions, and it isn’t like their 12 returning starters haven’t been around the block a time or two. And it isn’t as if LSU lacks talent. But Auburn’s defensive ability (holding Mississippi State to 116 total yards), and the intensity that can only be found in big SEC night games will be a major culture shock for the inexperienced LSU quarterbacks. Neither Andrew Hatch nor Jarrett Lee has experience in an environment like this one. They are completely unproven. Darry Beckwith’s knee injury leaves the LSU linebacking corps very inexperienced, as he was the only returning starter on that unit. Home dogs that allowed a conference opponent 2.1 yards per play in their last game are probably a pretty good play when hosting teams led by inexperienced quarterbacks, don’t you think? Take the points as Auburn finds a way to win in a brutal, hard-hitting contest. Auburn by 3.

Selection and Analysis by Kevin O’Neill

@North Carolina (-1½) over Virginia Tech
North Carolina rolled Rutgers 40-12 on Thursday night, and we got there with them on our phone service. As you know from reading our annual, we think highly of the Tar Heels chances this season. They have some formidable young talent, have tremendous receiving talents for emerging QB TJ Yates to connect with, and while ex-NFL coaches are failing from coast to coast, Butch Davis was a success in college before he tanked with the Cleveland Browns. UNC struggled in their first game against McNeese State (a team that lost only once last year and runs a highly effective spread offense) but really came together in their win over Rutgers. This is a team to watch. Virginia Tech is really struggling offensively. They were very fortunate to beat Georgia Tech. The Hokies were outgained 388-247 and needed a couple of questionable penalties after 3rd and long plays to keep their scoring drive alive. If it wasn’t for the 3-0 Gobbler turnover edge the Yellow Jackets would likely have returned to Atlanta with a victory. You’re aware of their struggles in their loss vs. East Carolina as well. This is the first game that the Hokies will play in hostile territory, as ECU’s “home game” in Charlotte was actually played much closer to Blacksburg than Greenville and took place in front of mostly Hokie partisans. While UNC will never be accused of having the most intense crowd in college football, there is an escalating interest in the Heels football program and they’ll enjoy a legit home field edge here. Virginia Tech’s offense is really struggling, leading to a radio call in show mini-controversy where Frank Beamer passionately defended his program and his offensive coordinator. But there’s no getting around the fact that the VT can’t move the ball right now. 58 plays for 244 yards against East Carolina and a nearly identical 61 plays for 247 yards against Georgia Tech. That’s 4.2 yards per play against their two 1-A opponents, with a different starting QB in each game. Virginia Tech has the better defense, but how do they score? Defense and specialteams? Maybe. But an athletic edge was not evident against East Carolina and Georgia Tech. In his first start against a 1-A opponent this year, QB Tyrod Taylor passed only 15 times; wile the coaches called 46 running plays. If Frank Beamer doesn’t trust Taylor, why should we? North Carolina by 7.

Selection and Analysis by Erik Scheponik

Wake Forest (+4½) @ Florida St.
Florida State has gotten fat and happy (and somehow ranked?) off of two blowout wins against 1AA squads Chattanooga and Western Carolina, and are now somehow laying points to a team that has beaten them two straight seasons and won 5 more conference game than the Seminoles during that span. Sure, recruiting ratings keep telling us that FSU is bringing in top talent, but it surely is not showing it on the field, as they are off back-to-back 7-6 seasons, and have not won 10 games in a season since 2003. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Jim Grobe and Wake Forest, who supposedly bring in average talent, but obviously know what to do with it. This is Grobe’s most talented team yet, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and we know he and his staff know how to coach players up. FSU sophomore QB Christian Ponder somehow beat out senior Drew Weatherford, and is the starter for this one. He may be in for a rude awakening against a Demon Deacons defense that returns its entire back 7 after leading the NCAA with 8 defensive touchdowns last season. That defense is off to a fast start already this season, forcing 8 turnovers in two games. The other question I have with the ‘Noles is leadership. They have, on paper, an all-star coaching staff, but they often look poorly coached and locker room problems have surfaced the last couple of seasons. Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher is supposed to take over when Bobby Bowden retires, but one gets the feeling that has led to a bit of an awkward situation among the staff and players. The two question marks I just listed for FSU are areas of strength for Wake Forest. Grobe is one of college football’s best head coaches, and crafty QB Skinner is an extension of him. Skinner makes play after play with excellent football IQ and accuracy, if not a big arm. He has now started 25 games at Wake (compared to two for FSU’s Ponder, both against 1AA teams), and as smart and poised as he was as a freshman, he is tough as nails now. The final advantage for Wake is their ace special teams, led by NFL caliber K/P Sam Swank. FSU, on the other hand, lost SR. specialist Graham Gano to injury, and his replacement, sophomore Zach Hobby, has missed two field goals and two extra points thus far. The punting is handled by a true frosh as well, and he obviously has not had many chances in the first two games. Expect Wake to win the battle of special teams by even a bigger margin than they usually do. Wake Forest is one of college football’s top underdogs at 28-14-2 ATS when taking points under Grobe. The Noles, on the other hand, continue to be overrated by the betting public, as evidenced by their 15-24 ATS record as a home favorite since 2001. Make FSU with Ponder beat us before we believe the hype. Wake Forest by 3

Selection and analysis by Matty Baiungo

Utah (-7½) over @Air Force
Perception meets reality here. Both teams enter without a loss (yet), which makes this line much shorter than it should be. Utah is a legit top 15 team. They’ve got a very good quarterback in Brian Johnson, one of the toughest defenses in the country, and a veteran group of guys that know how to win. On the other hand, Air Force is living off last year’s reputation, when in fact the talent is lesser. Head coach Troy Calhoun took over for the legendary Fisher DeBerry last year, and he inherited a good team with a talented quarterback (Shaun Carney) that led the Falcons to a bowl game. But Carney has graduated, and this year’s team is made up of different parts, not equal to last year. And their 3-0 start may be giving them a false sense of security, but they’ll get a reality check in this game. It’s no secret that Air Force is a one trick pony to the run, even though Calhoun’s plans were to switch to more of a passing attack upon his hire. The triple option is tough to stop even with the defense knowing what’s coming. But you have to mix in a pass every now and then just to keep opposing defenses honest, something Air Force did effectively last year. That hasn’t been the case over their first three games so far with 210 rushing attempts to just 23 passing attempts. And last week at Houston, quarterback Shea Smith was 0 for 7 throwing the ball. That’s not a misprint. Smith did not complete a single pass, which is just unfathomable for a major college football team. Houston also out-yarded the Force by 154 yards (534-380) and made 9 more first downs yet still lost. That box score is simply wacky, and a repeat of that performance here gets Air Force smoked in this game. Utah is loaded with offensive firepower, and all of the skill positions are filled with seniors. The Utes have been waiting for this game after losing 20-12 as a 7-point home favorite to Air Force last year. QB Brian Johnson did not play in that game because of a separated shoulder, and his presence alone will make the outcome much different. Johnson loves where his team is at: "I love the attitude of this team," he said. "I love the edge we are practicing with every day." Utah is focused on this conference game and there are no look ahead worries with Weber St on deck. With this line in the single digits, the perception is that Air Force is as good as their 3- 0 record indicates. But the reality is just the opposite, they are not that good. They’ve beaten three bad teams and are taking a huge step up in class here. Utah by 14.

Selection and analysis by Matty Baiungo

@Tennessee (+7½) over Florida
Knee jerking to SEC home underdogs is not a bad strategy, and that’s exactly what I did when I first saw the line for this game. Taking a full touchdown with a team that has won 85% (85-16) of their home games over the last 16 years is simply way too good to pass up. Now I do not care for head coach Phil Fulmer all that much. Much of Fulmer’s success can certainly be credited to his good friend, former offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe (now at Duke). It was Cutcliffe, not Fulmer who was responsible for the potent Tennessee offenses of the late 90’s. And when things went sour in 2005, Fulmer lured Cutcliffe back to Knoxville in order to save his job. But Tennessee has no shot to win this game in a shootout, so Cutcliffe’s absence shouldn’t matter much. So we’ll lean on one of the best defensive coordinators in the country, John Chavis, to come up with a nice game plan to try and contain Florida. Tennessee opened their season by handing UCLA an undeserving win. The Vols out-played the Bruins at the line of scrimmage holding them to just 29 yards on the ground while forcing four turnovers yet they still couldn’t get the win. And one might see that as a negative, especially after UCLA got waxed last week by BYU (59-0). But I really liked how Tennessee bounced back off their bye and drilled UAB on Saturday. The Vols erased the LA fiasco by doubling the Blazers in yardage and totally shutting them down with their defense. And the stop unit will have to come up big once again here against the Gators, which is quite possible considering Florida’s tendencies. Since Urban Meyer took over Florida in 2005, the Gators are just 7-5 straight up on the road with the seven wins coming by 21, 1, 6, 7, 6, 8 and 20 points. And they haven’t played nearly as good on the road as they have at home. Their offensive and defensive numbers both drop dramatically to the tune of double digits. They score 16 points per game less on the road and they allow close to 12 points per game more on the road. And that’s the main reason why they’ve struggled when laying points away from Gainesville. In twelve true road games under Meyer, Florida is just 4-8 against the spread including a miserable 2-8 as a road favorite. That also includes a 2-7 spread mark in SEC road games when laying points. Aside from the above, there are really no negatives on Florida. But they embarrassed Tennessee last year by 39 points (59- 20), and it was Fulmer’s biggest margin of defeat.Neyland Stadium will be packed with over 100,000 fans clad in burnt orange looking to return the favor. Game comes down to the wire. Florida by only 1.

Selection and Analysis by Dave Fobare

Georgia (–7) over @Arizona State
The Georgia Bulldogs are a very good football team. They didn't even have to show up in Tempe and they beat Arizona State. How else to explain ASU's shocking, inexplicable 23-20 overtime loss to a bad UNLV team on Saturday? The Sun Devils insisted all week they weren't overlooking the Rebels and taking a sneak peek at the Georgia game, to a national television audience, to the ESPN "College GameDay" crew coming to town. That might be a pretty good handicapping idea right there: find out where the GameDay crew is going to be next week and bet against that school. College kids are emotionally charged animals. When facing nationally prominent teams like Georgia, young men need something to convince themselves either that winning is possible or that the opponent deserves their opprobrium. Shutout revenge is a good example of the latter; Notre Dame used this effectively last weekend against Michigan. But Arizona State hasn't played Georgia before. So they need something else. Unfortunately any good feeling the Sun Devils might have had coming into this game were extinguished last week. Losing at home as a 24-point favorite does not boost but deflates the ego. The Sun Devils apply to a 49-117 ATS system based on this principle. Teams in this spot went 2-8 ATS in 2007 and failed to cover by more than a touchdown per game.You might think last week's grueling 14-7 win over conference rival South Carolina would take some of the wind out of Georgia's sails. Actually low scoring wins are usually a boost to the morale, both at the college and pro level. A 187-112 ATS system applies to Georgia based on this idea. I'm often skeptical of coaching-based systems. The sample size is very small, and handicappers never take into account the average cover margin on these things. But Marc Richt has an ATS personality active here that is powerful on both counts. Under Richt the Bulldogs are 18-8 ATS as a road dog or fave up to -7.5. That is good, but what is better is the average cover margin; over 7 points per game. That kind of number is rare in coaching trends with any kind of sample size at all. And it fits nicely with Richt's overall personality. He is just 40% ATS at home as a double-digit favorite. Richt prefers to lighten up on the gas at home when the game looks to be easy, and saves his motivational motor for the competitive road games. Under Marc Richt's tenure, Georgia’s straight up records are 32-2 against non-conference teams and 26-4 in an opponent's stadium. I'll side with the betting public and lay the points with Georgia. Georgia by 13.

Selection and Analysis by Kevin O’Neill

Arkansas State (-5) over MTSU
The Sun Belt is the worst conference in Division 1-A. But they’ve been making some noise this season, thanks to these two clubs. Both have already beaten BCS conference opponents, with Arkansas State winning at Texas A&M and Middle Tennessee State notching a home upset over Maryland. And then they both came up just short against bigger name opposition this week. But how they come out of those games is completely different.After Arkansas State tossed an interception while driving in an evenly played 27-24 loss to Southern Miss, ASU’s fine head coach Steve Roberts was proud of his team. “We played very, very well and I’m not disappointed in our kids’ effort. I thought we played very hard and showed a lot of maturity and resiliency during the course of the ball game. We fought back from 10 down and 14 down...we came back and got ourselves and the crowd back into the game.” MTSU, with a bad home loss against Troy before that home win over Maryland, went up to Lexington and took Kentucky to the wire, completing a deflected 61-yard Hail Mary pass that saw WR Eldred King dragged down on the one-yard line as time expired in a 20-14 loss. Disappointed at a penalty that negated a long returned FG block and emotional over the near miss, MTSU coach Rick Stockstill asked reporters “how would you feel if you just had your guts ripped out?” So in consecutive weeks, MTSU has had their biggest win in program history, and then followed that up with a heartbreaking loss. Now Stockstill is supposed to get his team up for a trip to Jonesboro,Arkansas to take on a team that they’ve beaten by a combined 152-41 in the last four years. Arkansas State, who has already won at Texas A&M this season, was a very popular play against Southern Missisippi. Oftentimes it pays to go with the teams that were failed “wise guy” move from the week before. And why was ASU so supported by professional bettors? The Red Wolves (formerly Indians) running game is extraordinary. ASU gains 7.1 yards per rush, and if you take away their game against Texas Southern and look just at A&M and Southern Miss, they average 5.2 yards per rush.MTSU was outrushed 102-31 at Kentucky.ASU is playing a strong brand of football, is off a respectable loss they can build from, and will likely be able to control the line of scrimmage against a team that will have trouble getting up for this game for a multitude of reasons. Lay the points with the Red Wolves. ASU by 11.

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22



Selection and Analysis by Dave Fobare

Chiefs (+4½) over @Falcons

About the only reason a sane handicapper could like the Chiefs here is technical. The Falcons own most every edge possible in the stats for this game. QB Brodie Croyle is out for 3-4 weeks with a separated shoulder. So KC trotted out retread Damon Huard to play last Sunday. Huard suffered an apparent neck injury (questionable for this week) and was replaced by the anonymous Tyler Thigpen. KC went 3-andout on their first three series under Thigpen. It got so bad the Chiefs tried an option attack with former practice squad receiver Marques Hagans at QB. It didn't work either. Overall the KC air attack is averaging well under 5 yards per attempt. The Chiefs D gave up 300 yards on the ground to Oakland last week even though the Raiders' had to rely mostly on their 2nd and 3rd string tailbacks. Off its miserable start the Chiefs pop from an 81-37 ATS road team bounceback system that already had its first winner of the season (and an LTS winner too!) on Oakland over Kansas City last Sunday. As a general rule I've learned to stay away from systems involving NFL teams at the 0.500 mark like Atlanta. They seem to be inherently unpredictable teams. Much of a team's self-identity is dependent on their record and at 0.500 their self-image is unclear. But I do have a couple of time-tested systems that work well with these teams and the Falcons apply to one of them. Teams out of this system are 95-156 ATS including 3-7 ATS in 2007. I also have the Falcons in a 34-84 ATS system that plays against teams in a role reversal: Atlanta is lined here as a favorite after being an underdog in its first two games. Even though they are 1-1 on the season the Falcons like the Chiefs are mired in their division's basement position. And a big reason I like the Chiefs here is a 94-48 ATS system that picks a side in games where both teams are divisional cellar dwellers. This system went 9-1 ATS in 2007. Without my technical material I would agree with the early betting action on this game - heavily tilted towards Atlanta. But that is precisely why I rely on my technical approach. It gives me the historical support I need to take truly ugly teams like Kansas City. Take the points. Kansas City by 3

Selection and Analysis by Kevin O’Neill

Cardinals (+3) over @Redskins

Both of these teams are off of similarly statistically dominating wins. Cardinals won yardage 445-236 over the Dolphins. Redskins won yardage 455-250 over a Saints team that threw in a clunker. But it was a nice comeback win for the Redskins, trailing 24-15 midway through the 4th and winning. Santana Moss had a rookie on him much of the day, and the result was 164 yards receiving (he also had a 27 yard run). Jason Campbell hit two-thirds of his passes for nearly 9 yards per completion. But really, how impressed are we supposed to be when you beat a soft team like New Orleans on your home field? Shouldn’t it be expected? And you certainly should expect to beat a Saints team when in Week 2 of the season injuries have New Orleans finishing the game with three rookies and a couple of more no-accounters on the field on defense. And Charles Grant didn’t feel like playing all that hard after excelling in the opener. The Saints offensive line played poorly as well. Obviously some of these shortcomings had to do with the prowess of the Redskins. But Washington was playing with great desperation (and extra rest) off of their opening Thursday night disaster at the Giants. It was a good spot for them against a soft team but they still needed a comeback, despite the 205-yard edge and the 3-1 turnover advantage. The Cardinals needed no comebacks, dominating a subpar Miami team. The Cards led 31-3 after 3 quarters, and none of their scores were fluky. Arizona enjoyed TD drives of 69, 92, 71, and 80 yards, with a 60-yard FG drive sandwiched in between. Amidst all the Sunday afternoon dramatics, Kurt Warner’s performance was lost in the shuffle. Bothered by hand problems for so long, you have to think that Warner is feeling well again. After two games he’s completing 70% of his passes, averaging over 10 yards per attempt, and has 4 TD passes and no interceptions. Importantly, he also has no fumbles, a critical stat for him due to his past fumbling problems (49 fumbles in his previous 36 starts over 6 seasons). With both teams off of satisfying wins, neither holds a real mental edge. The thought here is that the Cardinals have more weapons than the Redskins, and will also benefit from the poor special teams play of Washington (botched hold on FG, punt return for TD allowed, fumbled punt, poor punting overall on Sunday). Arizona has been a poor traveling dog in recent years (actually, more than just recent years) but in most of those games have had the inferior team. That’s not the case here. Take the points with the better club. Cardinals by 3.

Selection and analysis by Matty Baiungo

Panthers (+3½) over @Vikings

Year in, and year out, one particular NFL team seems to get a lot of hype over the summer as being the “sleeper” Super Bowl contender. This year’s sexy pick was Minnesota. The Vikings were a consensus pick to win the NFC North, and many had their reservations made for Tampa. But isn’t it funny how things all of a sudden change once the actual playing on the field begins? The Vikings sit at 0-2 after losing their opener at divisional rival Green Bay and giving away their latest with Sunday’s choke job at the hands of Peyton Manning and the Colts. Holding a 15-0 lead with 16:24 to play, the Vikes were on cruise control looking to even their record at one. But playing not to lose did them in. The play calling became predictive. Hand off to Peterson on first and second down, rollout pass on 3rd, and then punt on 4th down. Instead of putting the game away, head coach Brad Childress elected to be conservative which allowed the Colts to hang around long enough to steal the win. And after such a deflating loss, how does Minnesota recover? Don’t think they can mentally, and if last week’s box score is any indication, they can’t on the football field either. Ryan Longwell was responsible for all of their points; he kicked 5 field goals. They had less than 300 yards of total offense and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was again dreadful in the passing game. He completed 14 of 24 for an anemic 119 yards, just 4.4 yards per pass. Overall, the Vikings offense gained only 4.8 yards per play. Defensively, they were once again solid against the run holding the Colts to a laughable 25 yards on the ground. But their weak secondary gave up big chunks of yardage to the tune of 296 yards on 6.7 yards per pass play. Minnesota has a great rushing attack with Adrian Peterson, but their passing game is awful, and the way to win NFL games recently is through the air. Unless the passing game improves, they’ll be in for a long, long season. Carolina’s win two games back at San Diego came as no surprise to us. We used the Panthers in this space, and a touchdown on the last play of the game gave them the 26-24 win. They turned in another gutsy win on Sunday, once again coming back (down 17-3) to beat the Bears 20-17. And if you remember back to their Super Bowl year of 2003, the Panthers won a lot of close games. They are finally healthy on offense, and they’ll welcome back Steve Smith who returns from his suspension. While this game means a lot more to Minnesota as far as the big picture goes, they just do not look good on the field. Adding their questionable mental state to the equation makes them an even dicer proposition knowing Carolina is 32-15 when getting points under John Fox. Panthers by 3.

Selection and Analysis by Kevin O’Neill

Jaguars (+5½) over @Colts

The Jaguars had big plans for this season, and deservedly so, as they were a very good team last year (average yardage 357-314), won a playoff game at Pittsburgh, and gave the Patriots a good game before failing in Foxborough the following week. But the Jags have gotten off to a rotten start, losing a pair of winnable games to get off to an 0-2 beginning. Like their opening loss in Nashville, this one was frustrating. After tossing an interception in the end zone to end the half, the Jags controlled the third quarter, holding the ball for all but four plays and taking a 13-10 lead. But they lacked explosiveness, with no gain from scrimmage of longer than 15 yards and no passes being thrown further than 25 yards downfield (that one fell incomplete in the end zone). Look for a more aggressive offense from the Jags this week. The Colts won impressively in comeback fashion despite a complete inability to run the ball due to a beat up offensive line. They finished the game Sunday with a backup, two rookies, and a guard playing tackle who had practiced at tackle for only three snaps all week. And then cap it all off with the fact that their offensive line coach wasn’t there as he recovers from knee replacement surgery. With only 25 yards on 19 carries, it was all on Peyton Manning and he came through in dramatic fashion, willing Indy back from a 15-0 deficit late in the third quarter. That was a satisfying win, but Indianapolis is obviously far from the dominating club that they’ve been in the past. Word in Indy is that the new building, while nice as can be, is far from intimidating. The RCA Dome provided more impact from the fans and a lot more noise. One team that hasn’t been terribly bothered by the noise has been these Jaguars, as they are a half-point away from being undefeated to the pointspread in their previous four visits to the Circle City, with all of those games against Colts teams that seemed more impressive than this one. The Jaguars will be aggressive, and poised to play their absolute best to avoid a season-killing 0-3 start. This is a lot of points to take from a Colts team with problems with their offensive line, running game, run defense, and their typical abominable special teams (they’re a favorite to have the worst combined kick and punt coverage teams in the league, both offensively and defensively). Jaguars by 1.

Selection and Analysis by Erik Scheponik

Browns @ Ravens Under 38.5

The league seems to have caught up to the Browns offense this season, and although a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that they have faced two very good defenses thus far in Pittsburgh and Dallas, there is certainly no reprieve this week against the Ravens stop unit. Baltimore has had a couple of days of extra preparation time here after holding Cincinnati to 220 yards and 3 offensive points in the opener. The Ravens’ defense can see the weakness in this division and will be on a mission after finally proving to be human last season. Their veterans know that they are picked to be among the worst teams in this league, and I expect that to add fuel to their fire. Many of Baltimore’s problems last season were due to injuries and fatigue down the stretch. They were on the field constantly due to such poor offensive play. That may again be the case later this season, but for now I expect them to be flying to the ball and making an impact when they get there. They know they have to carry this team again, and they have won a lot of games the past decade despite having an unproductive offense. Rookie QB Joe Flacco has impressed a lot of people, but this will be his second game removed from NCAA 1AA. Baltimore will continue to ease him in with a run-based attack trying to win games with their defense and special teams. There are not a lot of weapons for him to begin with, so they are not going to force things. Their only two touchdowns against the hapless, poor-tackling Bengals D in the opener came on a long reverse and a long scramble by Flacco. Even against a questionable defense like Cleveland, expect a lot of 3 and outs as the Ravens play for field position.The Browns offense, one of the league’s best last season, has produced 413 yards and 16 points in two games. The magic has worn off for last year’s miracle man, Derek Anderson, and the Ravens with the extra time to prepare, certainly will give him some different looks. Anderson’s accuracy has never been his strength, but you only need to be so accurate when throwing to Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow. Although the same weapons are there from last season, Anderson’s play has been worse. Cleveland’s D was torched by Dallas in the opener, but played well against Pittsburgh, and gets a break against the weak Raven offense today. Anything on the other side of key numbers 37 and 38 looks safe in any Baltimore game, at least for the first half of the season. Play UNDER

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22



BYU That was a real warning shot fired by BYU a week ago vs. UCLA, but we didn’t need any extra convincing to give the Cougars a solid recommendation at Provo for their Saturday battle vs. struggling Wyoming. BYU has owned this series since losing to HC Joe Glenn’s first Cowboy team in 2003, winning and covering the last 4 meetings, all by double-digit margins. And the Cougs have been reliable as home chalk lately, too, covering 9 of their last 12 in that role. Meanwhile, Wyo continues on an extended pointspread slide, standing 0-10-1 vs. the number its last 11 on the board, and 2-15-1 its last 18 against the spread.

HOUSTON There are several “go against” situations in college football, and Colorado State certainly seems one of those stragglers. The Rams have been laboring lately, especially vs. the line at home, covering just 4 of their last 12 at Fort Collins, and are in tough again Saturday afternoon when potent Houston comes calling. And since 2003, the Rams have covered only 1 of 5 as a home dog, and overall stand a subpar 19-30 vs. the number their last 49 on the board. As for the Cougars, they’ve capitalized on most of their recent chances as road chalk, covering 5 of their last 7 in that role.

SAN JOSE STATE About this time each season, we want to begin paying special attention to a couple of weekly calculations highlighted in our Systems Spotlight feature, those being Pointspread Streaks and “AFS” (Away from Spread). And each of those identify San Jose State as a team to watch as the Spartans make the short trip up the Bayshore Freeway for their annual battle with nearby Stanford Saturday night. San Jose could be in the early stages of an extending pointspread uptick, covering its first 2 games on the board this season, and the Spartans have recorded a noteworthy +11.50 “AFS” mark their last two games. Meanwhile, the Cardinal has long underachieved vs. the number at home, dropping 14 of its last 21 vs. the line on the Farm since mid ’04.

ARIZONA Last week’s disappointing loss at New Mexico might be a temporary blip on the Arizona radar screen, as the Wildcats look to get back to their winning ways Saturday at the Rose Bowl vs. shellshocked UCLA. Remember, UA had covered 6 straight before its slip-up vs. the Lobos. And if the Cats are getting any points this wwek, they’ll be a featured recommendation under HC Mike Stoops in the College Coach as Underdog system (thanks to their 16-7-1 spread mark their last 24 as the “short”). As for the reeling Bruins, note their poor –20.00 “AFS” mark the last two games after that shellacking absorbed vs. BYU.

N.Y. GIANTS It’s about time we start showing a bit of respect to the world champs! After all, the New York Giants haven’t failed to cover a pointspread since early last December, covering 8 in a row since. Taking it back a bit further, the G-Men are now 10-1 vs. the number their last 11 on the board, and 16-4 their last 20 against the line. So, why not recommend them Sunday at the Meadowlands vs. struggling Cincinnati? For the Bengals, it’s been a nightmarish beginning to the campaign,failing to cover their first 2 out of the chute, and their spread mark is a poor 4-11 their last 15 against the number dating to early last season.

N.O.-DENVER “OVER” There’s no secret about the “totals” patterns of New Orleans and Denver lately. They’ve both been going “over” a lot, which figures to happen again in Sunday’s encounter at Invesco Field. As for the Saints, they’re “over” 15 of their last 21 overall, while the Broncos are “over” 18 of their last 23. Denver is also “over” 13-5 its last 18 as host.


WEST VIRGINIA at COLORADO (Thursday, September 18)…WVU had been good visiting chalk for Rodriguez (9-3-1 last 3 years), but Stewart failed his first chance in role miserably vs.ECU. Tech edge-slight to WVU, based on extended trends. BAYLOR at UCONN (Friday, September 19)…Art Briles was 5-2 as visiting dog the past three years with UH. Edsall’s extended chalk marks are good (7-2 since ’06, 10-3 since ’05, 18-7-1 since ’03).Tech edge-slight to UConn, based on extended trends.

TEMPLE at PENN STATE…Shades has had a few close calls in career vs. Owls but not the last 2 years, winning and covering by a combined 78-0. Vicious Shades 12-3 vs. line last 15 as DD chalk.But Owls off to 2-0 start vs. line TY as gradual improvement continues under Al Golden. Tech edge-slight to Shades, based on DD chalk mark.

UCF at BOSTON COLLEGE…O’Leary now 5-1 vs. line his last 6 as dog. BC on 4-9 spread run last 13 as chalk and 2-6 last 8 on board for Jags after quick break from gate last season. Tech edge-UCF, based on team trends.

OHIO at NORTHWESTERN… Cats covered opener as home chalk vs. Cuse but NU still just 3-9 laying points at Evanston since ’03. Solich has now covered last 3 as road dog after getting W in pair of those to open campaign, and 7-3 as road dog since ’06.Tech edge-Solich, based on team trends.

MIAMI-OHIO at CINCINNATI…Local rivals. Edge the past two years to Cincy with decisive wins and covers, and Cincy has also covered 4 of last 5 meetings. RedHawks, however, 7-1 vs. line last 8 as road dog. Tech edge-slight to Miami-O, team trends.

VANDY at OLE MISS…Vandy has covered 6 of last 7 in series,and Bobby Johnson covered both vs. Houston Nutt (when at Arkansas) in ’05 & ’06. Dores 11-3 as road dog since ’05, 16-7 since ’03, and 9-3 last 10 as SEC road dog. Tech edge-Vandy,based on team and series trends.

MISSISSIPPI STATE at GEORGIA TECH…Sly Croom 7-2-1 vs.line last 10 as road dog and 9-3-1 vs. line last 13 away.. Tech edge-slight to Sly Croom, based on team trends.

WYOMING at BYU…BYU has dominated matters since losing to Joe Glenn’s first Wyo team back in ’03. Since then, Cougs have won and covered last 4, all by DD margins. Bronco 9-3 vs. line as home chalk since ’06. Cowboys on 0-10-1 spread run dating to early ’07 and 2-15-1 vs. number last 18 on board! Tech edge-BYU, based on series and team trends.

LSU at AUBURN…Brutally close series of late, the last 4 all decided by 6 or fewer, and that 30-24 LSU win LY was decided on TD with 1 second left in game! Auburn has covered the last 3 meetings and has beaten LSU the last four times these two have tussled at Jordan-Hare. Les Miles only 2-6-1 vs. line as visitor the last two seasons. Tech edge-Auburn, especially if dog,based on team and recent series trends.

ALABAMA at ARKANSAS…Close series the last couple of years, the last 2 decided by 4 points total. Road team has covered last 3 meetings, though Arkansas has covered 4 of last 5 in series.Bama 2-7 as chalk for Nick since LY, 6-20 overall last 26 as chalk dating to late ’04. Tech edge-Arkansas, based on Bama chalk negatives.

MARSHALL at SOUTHERN MISS…Herd road woes continue,just 4-19 vs. line last 23 away from Huntington. Tech edge-USM,based on team trends.

HOUSTON at COLORADO STATE…CSU only 3-7 vs. line last 10 at Fort Collins, 1-3 as home dog since ’06. Tech edge-UH, based on recent CSU negatives.

RUTGERS at NAVY…Rutgers own edge lately, winning and covering last 3 and 6 of last 7 in series. Mids only 1-4 vs. line at Annapolis LY, 2-7 since ’06, although Navy still 16-7-1 as dog since ’03 (but 0-2 in dog role vs. Scarlet Knights that span). Schiano was 3-0 as chalk away from home LY. Tech edge-Rutgers, based on team and series trends.

VIRGINIA TECH at NORTH CAROLINA…Hokies have won and covered last 6 as ACC visitor. Tech edge-Beamer, based on team trends.

IOWA at PITTSBURGH…Hawkeyes just 2-8 vs. line as visitor since ’06, 4-11 vs. number as visitor since ’05. If Wannstedt chalk,note 1-8 spread mark last 9 in role. Tech edge-slight to Iowa,based on Wannstedt chalk woes.

WAKE FOREST at FLORIDA STATE…Wake has won last 2 SU vs. FSU and has covered last 4 and 8 of last 10 in series. Grobe 14- 6 as short since ’05, 22-12 since ’03. Bowden 4-8 vs. line as Tallahassee chalk since ’06, 5-11 in role since ’05. Tech edge- Wake, based on team and series trends.

NOTRE DAME at MICHIGAN STATE…Road team 6-0-1 vs. line last 7 in series. Tech edge-slight to ND, based on series trends.

BOISE STATE at OREGON…Ducks 7-1 vs. line as Autzen Stadium chalk since ’07, 14-3 as home chalk since ’05. Boise 6-10-1 vs. spread as visitor since ’05. Tech edge-Oregon, based on team trends.

UTAH at AIR FORCE…Road team has covered last 6 and 8 of last 9 in series. Force, however, 5-0 vs. line at home under Calhoun and 11-3 vs. line since he took over LY. Tech edge-slight to AFA, based on team trends.

NEW MEXICO at TULSA…Golden Hurricane has won and covered big its first 2 TY and has covered last 3 since the end of ’07. Tulsa has covered first 2 as DD chalk in ’08 but was 0-5 in role LY. Lobos 3-7 vs. line last 10 on board. Tech edge-Tulsa, based on recent trends.

BALL STATE at INDIANA…Home team has covered the last 2 years in series, and Hoosiers 7–1 as home chalk since ’03 (0-1 TY,however). But Cards 13-3 vs. line last 16 away, 7-2 as visiting dog since ’06. Tech edge-slight to Ball State, based on team trends.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN at PURDUE…These two getting used to one another, with their third meeting since last season. Purdue won both LY but only covered the first meeting, as Chips covered wild bowl game. Chips now 1-4 as visiting dog since LY. Tiller was 3-2 as Ross-Ade chalk LY but is only 4-9 vs. line in role since ’05. Tech edge-slight to Purdue, based on team trends.

AKRON at ARMY…Army 3-7 as dog for Stan Brock, 4-10 vs. number at West Point since ’05. Black Knights also a mere 7-17 vs. number last 24 on board. Tech edge-Akron, based on team trends.

EASTERN MICHIGAN at MARYLAND…EMU only 4-10 vs. linelast 14 as dog. Ralph, however, just 1-7 vs. line as home chalk since ’05, and a mere 5-12 vs. line last 17 on board. Tech edgeslight to EMU, based on Fridge negatives.

MIAMI-FLORIDA at TEXAS A&M…Shannon just 4-9 vs. line since taking over at Miami LY, although one of those covers was easy home win over A&M LY. If Canes road chalk note 1-6 mark in role since ’05. Tech edge-slight to A&M, based on extended Miami negatives.

EAST CAROLINA at NC STATE…Dog has won and covered the last two seasons. But Skip 28-12 overall vs. line at ECU since ‘05.Wolfpack and just 9-23 last 32 vs. line at Raleigh. Tech edge-ECU,based on team trends.

BUFFALO at MISSOURI…Tigers have covered their last 8 vs.non-Big XII opposition. Tigers 10-2 vs. line as chalk since. Tech edge-Mizzou, based on team trends.

FRESNO STATE at TOLEDO…FSU 2-8 as DD chalk since ’06 (1-3 LY), 0-3 as DD road chalk since ’06. Toledo has been better at Glass Bowl lately for Amstutz, at least opposed to road mark, and home team 19-7 vs. line last 25 Rocket games on board. Tech edge-slight to Toledo, based on team trends.

RICE at TEXAS…Texas has punished Rice the last 3 years,scoring 51 or more on each occasion and covering all of those, covering 34-point-or-more lines in each. Mack has covered first 2 in ’08 laying 20+. Tech edge-Texas, based on series trends.

IDAHO at UTAH STATE…Idaho only 1-10 vs. line last 11 on board, however, and mere 6-14 last 20 as dog. Utags in rare chalk role (0-1 since ’06) and just 3-10 vs. line last 13 at Logan. Tech edge-slight to USU, based on team trends.

TCU at SMU… SMU has covered last 2 and 4 of last 5 in series,covering last 2 vs. Frogs at Gerald Ford Stadium. TCU on 6-1 spread run dating to late LY. Ponies were 0-6 vs. line at home LY.Tech edge-slight to TCU, based on recent team trends.

FLORIDA at TENNESSEE…Urban Meyer 3-0 SU vs. Vols, although home team has covered last 3 meetings (2 of those by Gators). Urban Meyer 1-3 as road chalk LY, however, and just 2- 8 as visiting chalk since ’05. Vols 5-1-1 vs. line at home LY, 9-4-1 as host since ’06, and 4-0 as home dog since ’06. Tech edge-Tennessee, based on extended team trends.

GEORGIA at ARIZONA STATE…Richt 12-7 vs. line last 19 away from Athens. Richt also has covered all 5 chances as nonconference visitors (most of those vs. GT) since taking over Dawgs in ’01. Note Sun Devils 0-3 as dog for Erickson LY (0-1 as home dog), and ASU 7-16 last 23 as dog dating to late ’03. Tech edge-Georgia, based on team trends.

IOWA STATE at UNLV…If Rebs dog note 3-1 mark in role LY at Sam Boyd Stadium, 9-4 in role under Sanford since ’05. Tech edge-UNLV, if dog, based on team trends.

SAN JOSE STATE at STANFORD…Tree only 7-14 vs. line as host since mid ’04. Tech edge-San Jose, based on Tree home negatives.

NEW MEXICO STATE at UTEP…Mumme 1-6 vs. line on road since LY and 5-13 vs. line on road since taking over NMSU in ‘05. Also just 4-13 vs. line as road dog since ’05. Price, however, just 1-8 as chalk since ’06, and no covers last 2 vs. Aggies. Tech edgeslight to NMSU, based on UTEP chalk negatives.

ARIZONA at UCLA…Stoops 16-7-1 vs. line last 24 as dog., andCats have covered 6 of last 7 on board since late ’07 (including 34-27 win over UCLA LY). Neuheisel, however, just 5-16-2 his last 23 as chalk when at U-Dub. Tech edge-Arizona, based on team trends.

TROY at OHIO STATE…Trojans 7-3 as dog since ’06 and 4-2 that span getting DDs away. Trojans also 16-8 vs. number last 24 overall on board and 11-4 vs. spread last 15 away from Movie Gallery Stadium. Tech edge-Troy, based on team trends.

MIDDLE TENNESSEE at ARKANSAS STATE…Ugghhh! MTSU has owned this series, winning and covering last 5, all by DD margins! Red Wolves starting hot in ’08 but only 3-6 as chalk since ’06. Tech edge-MTSU, based on series trends.

UL-MONROE at TULANE…Weatherbie 13-6-1 vs. line as road dog since ’05, 17-8-1 as dog overall that span. Warhawks 9-2 as singledigit dog that span. Tech edge-ULM, based on team trends.

FLORIDA ATLANTIC at MINNESOTA…Ugh! Revenge for Gophers after losing 42-39 at Dolphin Stadium LY. Brewster, however, 0-4 as chalk since arriving at UM in ’07. But Howard no cover last 11 as non-conference visitor, and FAU just 4-9 as road dog since ’06. Tech edge-slight to Minnesota, based on team trends.

SOUTH FLORIDA at FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL…Cristobal was 3-1 as home dog LY and 2-0 getting DDs at FIU Stadium. Tech edge-slight to FIU, based on team trends.

KENT STATE at LOUISIANA…Golden Flashes just 2-13 vs.number last 15 on board. If Kent State favored note 2-10 mark in role since ’05. Tech edge-Louisiana, based on KSU negatives.


KANSAS CITY at ATLANTA…Falcs “over” 7-2 last 9 as host.Herm now 7-2 vs. line away since LY after opening road cover at NE. Tech edge-slight to “over” and Chiefs, based on “totals” and team trends.

OAKLAND at BUFFALO…Bills now 11-3 vs. line for Dick Jauron
their last 14 at home. Tech edge-Bills, based on team trends.
HOUSTON at TENNESSEE…Titans have won and covered last 4 meetings (all competitive affairs), and the last four in series are “over” as well. Texans “over” 8-2-1 their last 11 on road. Although Titans now “under” 13-6 since ’07. Tech edge-slight to “over,” based on “totals” trends.

CINCINNATI at NY GIANTS…Giants have covered last 8 and 10 of last 11 since a year ago. Coughlin “under” 9-3 last 12 as host.Tech edge-Giants and slight to “under,” based on team and “totals” trends.

ARIZONA at WASHINGTON…Cards “over” 23-7-1 last 31 on road. Tech edge-“Over,” based on team trends.

MIAMI at NEW ENGLAND…”Unders” 6-3-1 last 10 in series.Pats also “under” 7-2 last 9 on board. Tech edge-“Under,” based on “totals” trends.

TAMPA BAY at CHICAGO…Bears “over” 15-4 last 19 at Soldier Field. Lovie just 2-7 last 9 as home chalk. Tech edge-“Over,” based on Bears’ “totals” trends.

CAROLINA at MINNESOTA…If Carolina a dog, note 26-11-2 mark for Fox in role since late ’02. Vikes “over” 7-2 last 9 at Metrodome. Tech edge-Carolina, especially if dog, and “over” based on team and “totals” trends.

ST. LOUIS at SEATTLE… Rams 5-13 vs. number since LY, 2-6 last 8 as road dog. Rams also “under” 14-5 last 19 on road. Tech edge-Seahawks and “under,” based on Rams and “totals” trends.

DETROIT at SAN FRANCISCO…Lions very poor value lately on road, just 4-13 vs. points as visitor since ’06. And they’re “over” 14-4 last 18 on road! Tech edge-slight to 49ers and “over,” based on Lions’ extended road and “totals” trends enver “over” 18-5 last 23 on board! Broncos also 12-5 “over” last 17 at home. Tech edge-“Over,” based on “totals” trends of each.

PITTSBURGH at PHILADELPHIA…Birds “under” 11-6-1 at Linc since ’06. Andy only 5-10 as home chalk the past two seasons but won easily in role vs. Rams in opener. Tech edge-slight to “under,” based on “totals” trends.

JACKSONVILLE at INDIANAPOLIS…Colts have won SU 5 of last 6 meetings, but only 2-3-1 vs. line in those games. Jags “over” 10-2 last 12 on road. Tech edge-slight to “over,” based on “totals” trends.

CLEVELAND at BALTIMORE…Cleveland has covered last 5 in series (Brownies only 3-2 SU in those games, however). Romeo “over” 10-6 on road since ’06, however. Tech edge-slight to Brownies and “over,” based on team and “totals” trends.

DALLAS at GREEN BAY…Dallas won 37-27 at Texas Stadium LY. Cowboys “over” 17-9-1 last 27 away, Pack “over” 16-4 since ’07. Tech edge-“Over,” based on “totals” trends.NY JETS at SAN DIEGO (Monday, September 22)…Jets 9-5 vs. line as regular-season road dog for Mangini. Tech edgeslightto Jets, based on team trends.


COACH & POINTSPREAD-ARKANSAS over Alabama, AUBURN over Lsu@, BALL STATE over Indiana, BYU over Wyoming, CINCINNATI over Miami-Ohio@, EAST CAROLINA over NC State@, GEORGIA TECH over Mississippi State, UL-MONROE obver Tulane, MICHIGAN STATE over Notre Dame@, MISSOURI over Buffalo, OHIO STATE over Troy, OREGON over Boise State@, SOUTH FLORIDA over Florida International, TCU over Smu@, VIRGINIA TECH over North Carolina.

COLLEGE COACH AS UNDERDOG-AUBURN* over Lsu, UL-MONROE over Tulane, MEW MEXICO over Tulsa, NC State over East Carolina@, VIRGINIA TECH* over North Carolina, WAKE FOREST over Florida State, and dog in ARIZONA-UCLA game.

RIVALRY DOGS-MIAMI-OHIO over Cincinanti@, SMU over Tcu@.

POWER UNDERDOGS-ARIZONA STATE over Georgia, BOISE STATE over Oregon@, IOWA over Pitt, NEW MEXICO over Tulsa,TENNESSEE over Florida, VIRGINIA TECH* over North Carolina, WAKE FOREST over Florida State, and dog in AUBURN-LSU game.

PAINFUL MEMORY-UTAH over Air Force, TENNESSEE over Florida.


RESTED HOME WINNERS-COLORADO over West Virginia (Thursday,September 18), ARKANSAS over Alabama.


"AFS" (Away from spread last two decisions): PLUS (+)...SoCal +23.00, BYU 21.75,, MTSU 16.75, Penn St 14.75, AFA 14.25, UNLV 13.50, Cal 13.25, Minn 12.75, Tulane 12.75, Vandy 12.50, Okla 12.25,SJSU 11.50, Utah 11.50, Okla. St 11.00, UConn 10.00, Fresno 10.00,TCU 10.00, Texas 10.00; MINUS (-)...WSU -32.25, Ida 29.00, Rut 29.00, Va 24.40, Ohio St 21,50, UCLA 20.00, Haw 19.00, EMU 18.25,Wyo 17.25, Syr 15.50, USU 14.75, BGSU 13.0, Pitt 13.00, SMU 12.50

POINTSPREAD STREAKS: Wins...3-Ohio, USM, Temple, Vandy;2-AFA, Ball, Duke, Fla, GT, ISU, MTSU, Ole Miss, Mizzou, NIU, Okla,Okla St, Penn St, SJSU, SoCal, TCU, Tex, Tulane, Tulsa, UNLV, Wisc.Losses...3-Mich, Syr, UAB, WSU; 2-Aub, BGSU, CMU, EMU, Haw,Hou, Ida, Ill, Kent St, Marsh, Navy, Nev, NCS, Pitt, Rut, Stan, Utah St,UYTEP, Va, VT, Wyo.




NFL BLOWOUT BOUNCEBACK-No plays this week.

NFL BLOWOUT LETDOWN-No plays this week.
*-If underdog. #-If dog, pick, or 1-point favorite. @-May conflict with other tech system(s). For preferred TGS EXTRA!!! recommendation, consult Technician’s Corner and/or Tech Plays of Week. Line moves after Sunday night can alter selections in certain systems.

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Nelly's Sportsline


RATING 5 WASHINGTON (-3) over Arizona
RATING 4 MIAMI (+13½) over New England
RATING 3 SAN FRANCISCO (-3½) over Detroit
RATING 2 JACKSONVILLE (+6) over Indianapolis
RATING 1 TAMPA BAY (+3) over Chicago

ATLANTA (-4) Kansas City (36)

Matt Ryan learned what it is like to play quarterback on the road in the NFL with a pair of picks last week that dug too big of a hole for the Falcons. The Chiefs fell to 0-2 with an embarrassing loss at home to Oakland and Kansas City has just 157 rushing yards through two games and will be relying on Tyler Thigpen at QB for much of the action in a bizarre QB shuffle. Kansas City’s commendable opening game performance against New England was certainly aided by the shock of the Brady injury but the Chiefs defense can perform well enough to stay in games. Atlanta has looked decent on defense this season but consider the competition before assuming the Falcons will be much more competitive than most preseason projections. CHIEFS BY 3

BUFFALO (-9½) Oakland (37½)

The Bills are 2-0 with impressive wins over ’07 playoff teams but this might actually be a tricky spot for the Bills, now expected to win big. The Raiders have compiled massive rushing yards this season and the opening loss was a more competitive game vs. Denver than the final score indicated. QB Russell is going struggle on the road against the Bills defense but Buffalo has caught some breaks in the two games so far this season. Although the Raiders are intriguing as an underdog with a great running game this will be a second straight road game, now requiring cross c ountry travel and the Bills have historically had great numbers at home. BILLS BY 14

TENNESSEE (-5) Houston (37½)

This line looks a bit sneaky as the Titans are off to a strong 2-0 start and Houston was trounc ed in week one and now has to deal with the Hurricane aftermath and all the hectic changes in their schedule the past week. Houston has not had success in this series of late but the Texans were a quality team last year that simply had a bad game in the opening week. that was actually much closer than the final score indicated. Houston has an excellent pass rush that may give QB Collins problems and the Titans will have to play in the favorite role now, which has been a much less favorable proposition. Houston has obvious distractions to deal with but the Titans will also have the Vince Young situation creating a stir. Expect a close game in this key division match-up as Houston needs a win. TITANS BY 3

NY GIANTS (-13½) Cincinnati (42)

The defending Super Bowl champions are playing with great confidence right now but beating St. Louis should not bring them too much credit. The Bengals have allowed big rushing totals the last two weeks and New York has dominated its first two opponents on the ground. Cincinnati has not been able to move the ball with embarrassing yardage totals through two games but the defense has been better than expected as neither opponent had big numbers against them. Laying double-digits in the NFL is dangerous but Cincinnati can not be backed right now and the Giants should not be doubted until the win streak comes to an end. GIANTS BY 17

WASHINGTON (-3) Arizona (42)

Arizona is off to a great 2-0 start but the Cardinals will face long travel here and consider that the wins have come against bad teams. Arizona received five turnovers in an opening win and this is a still a team that has a horrible history of delivering when expectations are high. Washington won a critical game last week to stay afloat in the ultra-tough NFC East and the offense delivered huge numbers. There is little reason to expect the Arizona defense to make many stops and Washington has done a fine job against the pass this season. Arizona has not proven it can run the ball against a quality opponent and this looks like a tough road spot. REDSKINS BY 13

NEW ENGLAND (-13½) Miami (34½)

The Patriots are 2-0 and QB Cassel passed his first test last week with a controlled game. The Patriots are averaging just 18 points per game despite facing two teams that won just four games last season and now the team will be expected to lay double-digits. This will be a key game for the Dolphins  given the history between Parcells and Belichick and it makes sense that Miami had a tough game last week facing long travel and coming off an emotional opening loss. The Dolphins played close in several games last season despite the poor record and with the injuries, the Patriots offense can not be expected to produce big numbers. Miami is still going to be a losing team but there has been improvement. PATRIOTS BY 4

CHICAGO (-3) Tampa Bay (35½)

The Bears blew a golden opportunity to move to 2-0 last week and it will likely be a loss that stays with the team into this week. Chicago had a great start to the game and the defense dominated early but the momentum shifted dramatically on a couple of big plays. Tampa Bay rebounded nicely with Griese at QB and the Bucs used a solid rushing attack to deliver a solid win.Chicago has run the ball effectively this season but the team has been fortunate with defensive touchdowns in both games this year. BUCS BY 3

MINNESOTA (-3) Carolina (36½)

The Panthers have certainly caught some breaks to deliver two comeback victories but the team has shown great resolve and is also putting a lot pressure on opposing QBs. Minnesota has plenty of talent but the emotional toll of last week’s loss could be a season-killer as the Vikings now sit 0-2 despite being considered NFC contenders. Minnesota has played two tough opponents respectably this season but this is still a team that will be vulnerable to the pass and that will have trouble scoring. PANTHERS BY 3

SEATTLE (-10½) St. Louis (44)

The Seahawks suffered a brutal loss last week and sitting 0-2 this becomes a critical game. The Rams have not been able to do anything on the ground offensively this season but also consider that they have faced off with two likely elite teams in the league. Seattle still owns a great home field record despite the loss last week and the Seahawks actually have a great record as a significant favorite the last few seasons. SEAHWAKS BY 14

SAN FRANCISCO (-3½) Detroit (45)

Some things just do not change and the problems for Detroit are severe after falling behind by three touchdowns early in back-to-back weeks. The Lions have been able to get back into both games but the plan to develop the running game has been turned upside down due to the early defensive breakdowns. The 49ers got a breakout game from QB O’Sullivan last week and momentum should carry into this week. Until Detroit makes some stops early in a game they have to be played against. 49ERS BY 10

DENVER (-4) New Orleans (51)

The Broncos certainly got lucky last week on two key calls but the offensive numbers posted were still remarkable with 34 first downs against a good San Diego team. Denver is 2-0 and playing with a lot of confidence and judging by what the Saints have done on defense the past two weeks this could be a real match-up problem for New Orleans. The Saints are also facing a tough travel situation having played out East last week and now on the road again in a tough venue. Expect more big numbers. BRONCOS BY 10


A huge Pennsylvania battle that rarely occurs in the regular season features two teams with high hopes. The Eagles face a tough Monday night game but the situation is not much better for Pittsburgh playing the second straight week on the road coming off a big Sunday night win. The Steelers have caught breaks so far this year and could get caught here. EAGLES BY 10

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) Jacksonville (42)

The Colts scored an improbable comeback victory to avoid starting 0-2 but Jacksonville could not do the same. The Jaguars have had ATS success in this series and the Colts have still not looked sharp on offense with no running game and much worse pass protection than has been typical for this team. Jacksonville has also struggled to run the ball but consider that Jacksonville’s opponents are both 2-0 while the Colts struggled against two NFC North teams that did not make the playoffs last year. JAGS BY 4

Cleveland (NL) BALTIMORE

The Browns have been very sloppy this season with loads of mistakes from players and coaches. Baltimore delivered a solid opening win but it was a struggle against a Cincinnati team with major issues. The Browns have faced two high quality opponents so far this season and fallen behind early.Baltimore is unlikely to get off to a fast start with a conservative offense and the Browns may finally put up some numbers. BROWNS BY 10


The Cowboys do have the advantage of having played against QB Rodgers before and although he has looked sharp he has also faced two poor pass defenses. The Cowboys will face a hangover risk after the big Monday night game and this is a big revenge spot for the Packers. Dallas should be the superior team but Green Bay is not a team to go against given how well this team seems to have adjusted. The Cowboys have had success in this series but this could be a tough spot on the road. PACKERS BY 3


SAN DIEGO (-9½) NY Jets (42½)
The Chargers have had two devastatingly narrow losses this season and they definitely can have legitimate complaints about last week’s loss with questionable officiating decisions. New York could not knock off the Patriots and move into the AFC East lead but New York has looked sharp on defense. This is a nightmare scenario for the Chargers but the offense has not put a complete game together so far this season and the defense has struggled. The Jets might have some Monday magic. CHARGERS BY 6

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Cajun-Sports "Gator Report" Newsletter for Saturday

News & Notes:

Saturday’s Gator Report includes our “Underdog” Game of the Week, SEC GOW, ACC GOW, Big Easy GOW and our 2* CFB “Tech” GOW. PLUS our 70% Super Situation Play of the Week which has posted a record of 25-2 since 1992 and it’s a 3* Selection!

Sunday’s Gator Report will be sent late Saturday afternoon or early evening. Have a great weekend and as always good luck!

>Selections in the Gator Report are always 1-Unit selections unless otherwise noted. (*) 1-Unit, (**) 2-Units and (***) 3-Units.

NCAA “Tech” Game of the Week:



The Ragin' Cajuns seek their first win of the season when they host the Golden Flashes in a MAC vs. Sun Belt Conference clash Saturday night. Akron did get their first win of the season last week over 1-AA Delaware, 24-3. They opened the 2008 season with back-to-back losses to Boston College and Iowa State. Meanwhile, Louisiana-Lafayette opened the 2008 campaign with an embarrassing, 51-21 setback to Southern Mississippi, and followed that game with a tough, 20-17 loss at Illinois.

The Cajuns have not enjoyed much of a home field advantage, as they lost 5 of 6 Cajun Field and will now try to stop a Kent State team coming off its best offensive effort of the year. The defense for ULL has been unable to stop the run, as the opposition is pounding the Cajuns for a whopping 300+ rushing ypg. Overall the defense is allowing 487 total ypg, and that has led to a whopping 35.5 ppg.

The opening line of this game certainly caught our eye, as we look to play AGAINST a team that opened as a favorite a half-point lower than a “key number”, such as a 2', or 6'-point favorite, especially the 2'.

Three and seven are the top 2 key numbers in college football, meaning more games end with those 2 margins than any others. Oddsmakers try to use numbers a half-point below the keys against the player, hoping the bettor will think "oh, the favorite 'only' has to win by a FG, TD, or double-digits (the key number in question) and still cover the spread." This can be a trap as the underdog will often cover easily and sometimes win outright.

This certainly has not been a good price range for Louisiana-Lafayette, as they are 0-5-1 ATS (-13.1 ppg) with a line between -3 and +1. These inter-conference meetings have not been kind to the Cajun’s conference as well. Sun Belt teams are 0-7 SU (-13.4 ppg) & 0-6-1 ATS (-9 ppg) vs. the Mid-American Conference when not favored by 8+ points since 2004.

Actually, Sun Belt Conference teams have done very poorly since the league’s existence in games with very tight lines in all non-conference games. This is documented by an NCAA Football POWER SYSTEM which states:

Play AGAINST a Sun Belt Conference team (not a favorite of more than 3 points or underdog of 3+ points) vs. a non-conference opponent.

The Sun Belt teams in this spot are 0-10 SU & ATS, losing outright and failing to cover by an average of 2 TDs per game on each count. Last year, it was Louisiana-Lafayette hosting Ohio of the MAC and lost 31-23 as a 1-point home dog. The Cajuns qualify again as the PLAY AGAINST team, so we’ll take all the points we can get back the over looked Golden Flashes.


NCAA 70% Super Situations:

>NCAA Saturday: Play Under CFB team against the total after gaining 150 or less total yards in their previous game against opponent after gaining 6.25 or more yards per play in their previous game, 25-2 Under since 1992 (92.6%) PLAY: *** Mississippi State / Georgia Tech UNDER 36.5

Gator Report NCAA Games of the Week:

>SEC GOW (1-1 -10): AUBURN +2½ over LSU

LSU is:

0-4 SU & 0-3-1 ATS at Auburn

0-7 ATS as a conference favorite with less than 13 days rest last season.

0-7-1 as a Saturday conference favorite of less than 16 points with less than 13 days rest under Les Miles.

Auburn is:
9-0 ATS (+16.4 ppg) as an underdog before Game 8 vs. opponents off 2 SU wins.

8-0 ATS since 2004 off scoring less than 21 points and not favored by 41+ points.

>Big 10 GOW (0-0-1 0.0): no play for this week

>CUSA GOW (1-0 +100): no play for this week

>PAC 10 GOW (1-0 +100): no play for this week

>ACC GOW (0-0): Wake Forest +5 over FLORIDA STATE

Wake Forest is:
4-0 ATS vs. Florida State, winning the last 2 outright as underdogs, including 30-0 shutout in last trip to Tallahassee.

Florida State is:

0-4 ATS with double revenge since 1999

Off 2 non-lined SU wins; however, playing 2 1-AA teams has not prepared teams well for the role of small favorite. Favorites of 8 points or less off 2 non-lined games vs. opponents not off an underdog SU loss of 6+ points are 0-8 SU (-21.2 ppg) & 0-8 ATS (-23.4 ppg) since at least 1980.

>“BIG EASY” GOW (3-0 +300): OREGON -10 over Boise State

Boise State has NEVER beat a BCS school on the road, while Oregon is 20-1-1 ATS in home SU wins, including 8-0 ATS the last 89

Oregon has scored 34+ points in every non-conference home game since the start of the 2004 season, which is bad news for Boise State, as they are 0-11-1 ATS when allowing more than 28 points on the road.

>Underdog GOW (1-1 -10): TOLEDO +7 over Fresno State

The 25th-ranked Bulldogs are still hurting after losing a tough home game to No. 8-ranked Wisconsin. Now, the Bulldogs find themselves the hunted instead of the hunter, as they are forced to travel to a tough environment to play a hungry team looking for a program-building victory.

Fresno State entered the season with the highest of hopes - a Bowl Championship Series berth. After the 13-10 loss to Wisconsin in which there were missed three field goals, the Bulldogs' BCS dream is certainly a long shot.

The biggest question around the program is how the team responds to the adversity of losing to Wisconsin and effectively ending those hopes. In the past the Bulldogs have let down after tough losses.

Fresno State is:

0-12-1 ATS (-12.8 ppg) off a SU loss in which they did not beat the spread by more than 11 points.

0-11-1 ATS (-13 ppg) on the road off a SU loss

0-8-1 ATS (-10 ppg) off a home SU loss

Toledo is:

11-0 SU (+24.6 ppg) & 11-0 ATS (+15 ppg) at home off scoring 35+ points and allowing less than 35 points in its last game and not favored by 32+ points.

6-0 SU (+8.7 ppg) & 6-0 ATS (+12.8 ppg) as a home underdog under Amstutz with less than 14 days rest off their previous game.

4-0 SU & ATS at home with revenge vs. non-conference opponents under Amstutz.

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Re: Football Newsletters Sept. 18 - 22

Football Newsletter Report

(Top 2 Star Ratings Plays and Special Plays)

Northcoast Power Sweep
NCAA Power Sweep 4* (1-2, 33%)
UTAH -7.5

NFL Power Sweep 4* (1-0-1, 100%)

Dog of the Week (1-1, 50%)

Early Bird Play (1-0, 100%)
BYU -26 ( NOW -29 )

Winning Points
NCAA Best Bet (4-2, 67%)

NFL Best Bet (1-3, 25%)

NCAA Preferred (6-8, 43%)
UTAH -7.5

NFL Preferred (0-2, 0%)

Northcoast Power Plays
NCAA Power Plays 4* (21-15-1, 58%)
BYU -29
UTAH -7.5
PURDUE -10.5

NFL Power Plays 4* (1-3, 33%)

NCAA Pointwise 1 (3-3, 50%)

NFL Pointwise 1 (0-0, 0%)

NCAA Pointwise 2 (0-4, 0%)

NFL Pointwise 2 (0-1, 0%)

Confidential Kick Off
NCAA CKO 11 (1-1-1, 50%)

NFL CKO 11 (0-0, 0%)

NCAA CKO 10 (7-3, 70%)

NFL CKO 10 (1-1, 50%)

The Goldsheet
NCAA Key Releases (7-6, 54%)
OHIO +10.5

NFL Key Releases (2-4, 33%)

The Goldsheet Extra
NCAA Technical Plays of the Week (2-2, 50%)
BYU -29

NFL Technical Plays of the Week (0-0, 0%)

Red Sheet
NCAA Red Sheet 90 (1-0, 100%)

NFL Red Sheet 90 (0-0, 0%)

NCAA Red Sheet 89 (2-3-1, 40%)

NFL Red Sheet 89 (0-0, 0%)

NCAA Red Sheet 88 (4-4-1, 50%)

NFL Red Sheet 88 (1-1, 50%)

Sports Reporter
NCAA Super Best Bet (1-0, 100%)

NFL Super Best Bet (1-0, 100%)

NCAA Best Bet (4-6-1, 40%)

NFL Best Bet (4-1, 80%)

NCAA Recommended (7-3-1, 70%)

NFL Recommended (0-3, 0%)

Kevin O’Neill The Max
Erik Scheponik NCAA (1-1, 50%)

Erik Scheponik NFL (1-0, 100%)

Dave Fobare NCAA (2-0, 100%)

Dave Fobare NFL (0-1, 0%)

Kevin O’Neill NCAA (4-2, 67%)

Kevin O’Neill NFL (0-2, 0%)

Matty Baiungo NCAA (1-2, 33%)
UTAH -7.5

Matty Baiungo NFL (2-0, 100%)

HQ Report
HQ Report 5 (1-1-1, 50%)

HQ Report 4 (0-0, 0%)

HQ Underdog Play (3-0, 100%)

HQ Total Recall (1-2, 33%)

HQ ATS (2-1, 67%)

Sports Insight Marketwatch
NCAA Games to Watch (6-3, 67%)

NFL Games to Watch (3-3, 50%)

The Sports Memo
Ed Cash NCAA (2-0, 100%)

Ed Cash NFL (0-0, 0%)

Fairway Jay NCAA (2-0, 100%)

Fairway Jay NFL (0-0, 0%)

Tim Trushel NCAA (1-0, 100%)

Tim Trushel NFL (1-0, 100%)

Donnie Black NCAA (2-0, 100%)

Donnie Black NFL (0-0, 0%)

Jared Klein NCAA (1-0, 100%)

Jared Klein NFL (1-0, 100%)

Brent Crow NCAA (0-1-1, 0%)

Brent Crow NFL (0-0, 0%)

Erin Rynning NCAA (1-0, 100%)

Erin Rynning NFL (1-0, 100%)

Rob Veno NCAA (1-0, 0%)

Rob Veno NFL (1-0, 100%)

Marty Otto NCAA (0-1, 0%)

Marty Otto NFL (1-0, 100%)

Teddy Covers NCAA (0-0, 0%)

Teddy Covers NFL (0-1, 0%)

Marc Lawrence Playbook
NCAA Best Bet 5 (2-1, 67%)

NFL Best Bet 5 (2-1, 67%)

NCAA Best Bet 4 (1-2, 33%)

NFL Best Bet 4 (1-1, 50%)

Upset Game of the Week (0-2, 0%)
ARMY +10

Statfox Platinum Sheet
NCAA (7-3, 70%)
LSU -3
TEXAS A&M +3.5

NFL (5-5, 50%)

Logical Approach
College Selection of the Week (0-0, 0%)
TULSA - 10 ½

NFL Selection of the Week (0-0, 0%)

College Featured Selections (0-0, 0%)

NFL Featured Selections (0-0, 0%)

Best of NFL Totals (0-0, 0%)

College Moneyline Recommendations (1-0, 100%)

NFL Moneyline Recommendations (0-0, 0%)

Nelly's Sportsline
NCAA Rating 5 (0-0, 0%)
TULSA -10.5

NFL Rating 5 (0-0, 0%)

NCAA Rating 4 (0-0, 0%)

NFL Rating 4 (0-0, 0%)

Cajun-Sports "Gator Report" Newsletter
3 Unit Plays (0-0, 0%)

2 Unit Plays (0-0, 0%)

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